Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Relatives Of Bambi??

    Ever seen deer jump? I have. I'm not talking about how they run....Some of them actually jump! I see this phenomenon when I go running in the mornings. Instead of running away, the deer jump away-kind of like they're wind-up toys with springs.

     There's at least one family of deer that live in the development I run in. I saw the lot of them watching me one morning as I was walking up an incline on my way back home. They watched me as I watched them (I was kind of afraid that the two bucks would come charging at me) and jumped away as I neared. They seem to be a pretty skittish lot. I'm not sure if deer ever take the aggressive advantage, or if they always run.
     I think they assigned one to "tattle-tale duty"-at least that's how I feel when she spots me, then runs off to inform the others of my approach. I have noticed that the deer don't jump on pavement-only in the meadow area. The grass and soft ground probably give them the spring they need to keep bouncing away, limbs together.
    They seem friendly enough, but for now I keep my distance (well, my bright orange running jacket probably scares them off, too). Maybe one day I will start giving them names-my problem is, they all look the same to me....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Amber Turns 3!!!

   So, our little girl just celebrated her 3rd birthday last Friday.  We had two wonderful years with her...and then she turned 2.  This last year started with a potty-training roller coaster that finally stopped in February.  When I had pneumonia from Jan-Feb, she had to step it up and use the potty all by herself because I couldn't pull myself off the couch to help.  After months of pooping in her underwear, something snapped and she started pooping on the potty like most people do. 
   Over the summer we sent her to daycare once a week at the place where she would be attending preschool.  She started preschool about a week ago and seems to enjoy it.  She gets to go three times a week with her friends.
    For the past 2 months while Josiah's been in speech therapy, I've taken her to the Salida trail so she can practice riding her tricycle.  She's really getting the hang of using the pedals and *maybe* by next summer she'll be ready for a bike with training wheels (and 5 years after that, we just might take the training wheels off)
    So even though she just turned 3, we can already tell that she'll be a true blonde-as ditzy & clutzy as they come.  She never watches where she is going and ends up walking into everything.  The day before her birthday, she jumped off a bed and hit her face on the metal frame, giving herself a nice bruise on her cheek.  It looked like she had a black eye. 
     She has the toughest time making choices and she absorbs attention, especially from older folks.  She has discovered that her whininess appeals to most everyone's sympathetic side, and she uses this to her advantage.  She has the word "princess" written all over her!!!
    She loves dressing up, putting on make-up and wearing jewelry.  Her daddy's heart is in the palm of her hands.  Maybe one day she'll surprise us all and be the smartest in her class, but until then, we'll keep warning her of the wall she's about to walk into....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Guardian Angels

   My poor, poor guardian angels.  I feel so bad for them sometimes.  I'm sure that God has them on a monthly rotation for me so they don't get too worn out (or go insane).  Actually, I think their conversations go something like this:
   God:  "Hey, Angel גייב, come here.  I have a very special assignment for you."
   Angel גייב: "Oh, really?? Me?? Sure, Lord, whatever you want!"
   God: "Now, you can't tell anyone about this.  This is a secret mission."
  Angel גייב: (feeling quite proud) "I won't tell a soul! I promise!"
   God: "Come here." (gestures towards Himself) "Closer."
   Angel גייב: (all giddy with excitement) "Yes?"
   God: (whispering) "---------"
   Angel גייב: "What?!? No!!! Nooooooo!!!!"
   God: "Yes."
   Angel גייב: ::sniff, sniff:: (big sigh) "Ok. But only a month, right???"
   God: "Yes. Next month I'll find someone else to pick on."
    If you are familiar with my blog, you have probably come to the conclusion that stuff just happens to me.  No, it's not the hair color.  Things beyond my control just have a way of happening to me....and my poor guardian angels probably ward off more things than I can possibly imagine!!!  Well, I'm going for a run now.  It's back to work for them!

My Hot, Steamy Love Affair

    Yes. I did have a hot, steamy love affair. (I know, scandalous, isn't it??) However, since we moved out to CO, I haven't been able to continue it due to the distance. That's right. You know what I'm talking about (don't pretend you don't know!) If you've ever been to the east coast (specifically the DE, PA, NJ area) you're familiar with the taste of... Wawa.

       The other day I stopped myself from writing on the Wawa FaceBook fan page: "I miss you. I can't wait until we can be together again. I hope you think of me as much as I do you."
        Wawa is a wonderful brand of convenience stores that also markets their own coffee, dairy and food products. Some sell gasoline too, but I can't really comment on that since I've never voluntarily ingested it.
         Every weekend morning (when I lived at home), my dad would bring my mom and I coffee from this wonderful place ( drinking cappachinos at age 11....). On my way to school in the morning, I would stop by. After work, on my way back to school in the evenings (college days, anyone??) I would revisit. Wawa has seen me through many phases in my life. Coffee from other chains never quite measured up.
        My fav product of theirs is these plastic, microwaveable coffee mugs that last forever. Great quality for a low price!!! I have 3, but sometimes I feel like I need more ;p
        Whenever we make a trip to the east coast, Wawa is a required stop. Even though they now sell their own ground coffee (in store and online), I'm not sure that it will measure up to the fresh java they make in-store, but the way coffee prices are rising, I just might have to stock up on it on our next visit!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Hair!!!

   Last weekend JR went on a camping trip with some men from the Friday morning Bible Study he attends.  My friend Christina's husband just so happens to be the leader of this weekly gathering, so she too was left alone for the entire weekend.
   On Saturday, Christina called me and asked if I could come over and trim her hair-she had chopped off her pony tail and was going to donate it to Locks of Love (they make human-hair wigs for cancer patients).  So, after hauling my troops over to her place (she has 4 of her own), what should have been a 15 minute session turned into a 3-hour hair-cutting party.  Christina & I ended up being hair-cut twinsies (my hair hasn't been this short in over 10 years!) and we trimmed our girl's hair (she has 2 & I have 1).  Needless to say, the hubbys were a bit surprised when they came home Sunday morning.  Oh, well. I guess they shouldn't have left us alone, now should've they??
twin cuts!

                                                           me & the hubby!

Friday, August 12, 2011

...And You Are??

   So, I see people when I run.  No, they're not imaginary or dead.  These are real people.  And I may as well blog about them since they probably go home and blog about that crazy blonde chick who wears a visor and can't run too far.
    Some of these people I see daily, and some only when I'm running late.  Some I've only seen a few times, no matter when I go.
    First, there's the lady who doesn't live around here.  I know this because she drives a pretty blue boxy vehicle and parks it at the bottom of the hill I run up.  She comes to walk her dog.  They're nice.
    Then there's this lady who walks two dogs.  And another lady who doesn't walk her pet.  Then there's Storm and his owner-they're usually out around 7 a.m.  I see them when I'm running late.
   More recently I've encountered a man who does live around here.  I've seen him riding his bicycle around Poncha....and he doesn't wear a shirt (in the summer time anyways).  I've often thought about asking him to put one on.  I've seen him twice now on my morning runs, so I'm thinking he goes for a walk around 7 a.m.  Once he had a dog with him.  He seems a bit odd (not creepy creepy, but creepy).  The only other person I've seen out and about on the trails in the early mornings was this elderly gentleman running on the morning that I saw the cows.  And I warned him of them. (And yes, he did look @ me like I was silly....)
    I never know who I'm going to see when I go for a run. I just hope it's not a bear or mountain lion ;-o

Update On The Gremlins

     Well, school's about to start in a week and I am so ready for the kids to go! Amber is starting her first year of preschool & Josiah's going back for his 2nd.  Amber's been introduced to the school setting and teachers through a summer program their school offers.
     Josiah is still attending his weekly swim/speech therapy lessons.  He thoroughly enjoys his sessions with his speech pathologist.  He will be attending Pre-K 4 four mornings a week this semester which will help transition him to kindergarten next year.  He can already write his name (well, he can write all of the letters-just not in order....ok, fine, so the "S" is just kind of a half-hearted squiggle....) and recognize some letters.  Right now he enjoys riding his bike (without training wheels!) and scooter outside.  He loves running around and being active.  He also loves anything with wheels or an engine, so it's no wonder that he is still obsessed with toy cars and his train set. 
     Amber is (slowly) learning how to ride a tricycle.  She's been progressing quickly these past few weeks, and when Josiah's at the pool for his weekly lessons, we've been taking her to the Salida Trail (not the official name, but that's what the locals call it) to practice.  We're hoping she'll be ready for a big-girl bike (with the training wheels-she'll need them for at least 5 years, lol) by next summer.  She enjoys singing songs, riding her bike, dressing up and smiling for the camera!
    Malachi weighs 15lbs now (he's not even 4 months yet!) and enjoys smiling at people.  I'm pretty sure he's teething, so we'll see some chompers pop up in the next few weeks or so.  He also likes to poop...alot...  Right now his siblings seem to like him, but that's probably because he's not mobile & into their stuff yet.  Josiah seems to think he knows what's wrong with Malachi when he cries, and he's constantly telling me, "He's hungry! Feed him!", "He needs to be changed", "He's tired."  Wow.  I am so glad my 4-year-old knows what's wrong with the baby! The children are also very good at telling me when he's spit up, or is drooling. 
    Well, Amber will be turning 3 in the next few weeks and two months later, Josiah will be 5!  Where has the time gone? 
   Enjoy this photo...and the spit-up....(yes, the poor kid must wear a bib 24/7 now because he drools constantly...)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Talk To Me??

      I don't know why people bother to talk to me. This morning when we visited a church, a man came up to me and asked where I was from. My immediate response was "Delaware", but my mouth knew it was the wrong thing to say since we've been living in CO for 5 years. However, due to lack of oxygen (high altitude), having 3 kids, or the hair color, I couldn't come up with an appropriate response (did he mean location, church background, country??), so I said nothing. Time slowly passed.
       As he stared at me, I realized an answer was wanting, so I tried explaining to him that my first response was DE, when it should have been Poncha Springs. We are from Poncha Springs (ok, so sometimes I tell people Salida, just because know one knows where Poncha is...). And after shaking my hand he offered a weak smile and I assume went to find someone with more verbal skills than I possessed.
      I'm not sure why people expect something eloquent to pop out of my mouth.... It seems like I tend to disappoint ;)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The End Of An Era

    To those who have been following my jeep/truck driving saga, I wanted to let you know that for now, I am giving up on the ambition of learning to drive a manual transmission.  ::Insert shock here::  It had come to my attention that not everyone is created equal when it comes to learning the basics of the necessary driving techniques need to drive stick.  I do not think that I will ever be able to smoothly transition a vehicle with a manual transition from the stop position.  Releasing the clutch while my foot is engaging the accelerator "just right" takes way more coordination than I have right now.
   In my defense, my timing is off....when it comes to everything, including music.  This is a fact that is well-known, but missed when it came to teaching me this new venture.  I may attempt this feat again, but for now, I am content to drive my van that is gradually becoming ghetto-er the longer we have it (since Josiah damaged the door, the computer in the vehicle registers the door as either being not shut properly or missing, so it started this annoying dinging that seems to cease only if you disconnect the car's battery; we need a new seat belt in the back-we had to slice through it when a friend's kid decided to wrap it around their neck; the other automatic door has issues closing/opening sometimes; the list just goes on...).
    For some unknown reason (stubbornness, maybe?), Hubby still thinks that I am capable of learning how to drive a manual transmission.  Ah, least someone still had confidence in me ;) 

Social Anxiety Disorder, Anyone??

   I discovered the other day that somehow I had developed this social anxiety disorder that was gradually increasing.  Sunday night I phoned my friend to see if she would be able to go to a BBQ with me that started in an hour.  I was devastated when she said she couldn't attend with me.  Now, it wasn't just some random cookout that I had wanted to go to.  This was for members of a group that my friend and I are a part of.
    As I was signing into my email account to email the hosts and let them know I was canceling last minute, I asked myself what I was doing.  Where were my big-girl panties?  I was an adult and fully capable of attending social functions by my self, especially if I know the people who are attending.  After realizing how silly I was being, I had to mentally psych myself up for the event: "It's ok. You're ok. You can do this. You will do this.  You know these people. They are your friends.  You're wearing your big-girl underwear. You can do this."  And I committed myself to staying at least a half hour for the sake of being polite.
    I guess I should have realized what was happening to me the Thursday prior.  I was attending a cookout with my friends & all of our kids.  After I had arrived at the location (I didn't know anyone here) I called my friend to see how much longer it would be before they showed up.  I was panicking until they arrived, just about frozen in the same spot I had been since I had reached the destination.  As soon as I saw my friend, I felt better and clung to her.  Apparently we've been attending all the same social functions, so I see her as my buffer when it comes to social settings.
    Now, I tend to be a shy person... unless I know you-then I talk you're ear off.  I think what scares me about talking to people whom I don't know is saying the wrong thing.  I need to get a book with good conversation starters in it, and carry it with me wherever I go.  (I also need a pocket-size database with photos and names of people I've met and the place I met them).
    So, I went to Sunday's social function despite my unresolved fears and you know what? It was great.  I actually ended up staying for two hours (without my friend!) and had a great time!  I got to know other members of our group on a more personal basis and ignite friendships.