Monday, February 25, 2013

My Handy Friend!

     I have a very handy's my fake arm!!! Yes, I know it may seem a bit weird, or absurd, but it's so much fun!!! I found it in a kid's toy shop while Christmas shopping....and the wonderful store employees wrapped it up for to place under my tree!  I've wanted a fake appendage for years, but haven't been able to find one (not that I searched very hard for it, either).

     Needless to say, hubby was not as amused as I when I opened my "surprise" gift. Since I opened it, I've had so much fun sticking it my car doors & such. So far, it's traveled all the way to Denver and back, hanging out of the backside of my van. Apparently it travels well as long as it's securely shut in something ;)

     "Why??" you may ask? Because...mwahahahahahaha.... who doesn't love a good freak out?? It's harmless and fun! (okay, so sometimes it freaks me out when I see it too) I tried to see how useful Handy was with household chores, but I grew disappointed very quickly-apparently he's just full of air and stuffing, so there's no sturdiness at all. Here we are trying to mix homemade laundry detergent:

       As much as I love my handy friend, it was becoming very obvious to me just how unauthentic it I decided to give him a bit of a make-over one night. I used a few shades of brown poster paint and some red nail polish.....

      It ended up a bit darker than I had wanted, but I figure with the amount of dirt it'll accumulate, it'll be okay ;) Eventually I'll redo the sleeve... So...whaddaya think?? DO you have any handy friends hanging around??

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


        This year, I'm giving up caffeine for Lent. (Wait...what???) Yes, I know it may seem like a bit of a shock to those who know us, but no, we don't claim catholocism, or other various denominations that practice this. I guess you could say we got the idea from our friends (who also are not catholic, or other associated denominations). The idea (from my understanding) behind the practice of Lent is to give up something (whatever god tells you to) for 40 days.  This time period is seen as a spiritual growing period-and a possible strain on your relationship with God ;)
         It's not easy (or shouldn't be) and we use the time to focus on God (especially when we're having hard time with our commitment to give up whatever it was). It's a test, too-seeing if you really trust God to help you give up whatever you choose to give up.  Last year was a bit rough for me- giving up all food except vegetables. Not the most funnest thing, but I made it (I had to stop running for a few weeks, but I made it).
        This year, it's caffeine. I'm on day...I don't know. It's been too long without caffeine, lol. Our friends insist that Day 3 is the worst, but this time, Day 1 was the worst. I ended up with a massive stress headache which turned into a migraine. Since then, I've discovered that: 1. I'm not physically addicted to caffeine 2. Caffeine helps me cope with stress-it calms me. Apparently the only reason I've been able to troll through my homework, keeping the kids alive, food on the table, random crochet projects...and this blog is because I've been "stress free" and a bit motivated.
         Needless to say, I've been frantically searching for ways to help relieve/deal with the everyday stressors in my life to avoid the inevitable migraines that would end up controlling my life. I had originally thought that decaf hot tea would help. I was wrong (I also feel that decaf coffee-while just a placebo for me-would be cheating). A hot soak doesn't seem to help me, either. I finally found some essential oils at a local natural store that seems to be holding things at bay for now. My shoulders still feel a bit tense, and the headache remains at bay.
        What we've learned from practicing Lent this year and last is that: life gets a bit harder for 40 + days (the time frame of Lent is actually more than 40 days because Catholics are allowed to "cheat" on Sundays-we're not sure the reasoning behind it, but we choose not to "cheat"), you do what you can to "cope" (seriously-take away what you look forward to most when it comes to eating/drinking and you'll find that you could care less about what you're setting in front of yourself), and of course, you find yourself arguing/talking with God more.
         Resisting temptation is not as hard as choosing to go without. It's easy to put away the "taboo" stuff, avoid stores that carry those items (*ahem* no coffee shops for me), but it's not so easy to think "I am purposefully choosing to give this up". It's a battle with yourself, and a time of complaining/arguing with God. I'm pretty sure I'll survive this, and have a better relationship with God because of it-trust is a huge factor- I'm trusting God to help me through this, and I expect He is trusting me to hold up my end of the bargain ;)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Calling All Nancy Drewers!

   Calling all Nancy Drew wannabes! I need your help! I have a mystery that needs solving!
         It all started a few months ago.... In an effort to make commenting easier on my followers, I took the magical "please enter the random numbers and/or letters and cross your fingers you read it right before your comment is posted" box off the comment section, and now I get emails a few times a week looking like this:

        If you can't read it, it's just the basic spam comment on *More* Crazy Things I Do While Running with a link they want you to click on. For those of you who are wondering how to identify spam comments, here's a quick guide:
                               1. The comment is written in English, but clearly not translated well.
                               2. There is a link for you to click on.
        Now, I'm not naive and I know that spammers will hit any blog they find, but my curiosity is, Why this particular post? It's only this post that gets the spam comments, and it *keeps happening*. While I love comments, (and trust that no one else clicks on the spam links) I just want to know what is drawing these people to *THIS* particular post. Is there candy in it? I mean, I think it's well written, but then again, I'm slightly biased, aren't I?? 
        So, my request of you, my fellow sleuths, is to read the post. I mean, *really read* it. Scour it. Go over it with a fine tooth comb. Then, report back to me your findings! Is there a magical word spammers look for? Is there a naughty pic on there? Help me solve this mystery!!! (And don't forget to report back your findings!!!!) 

Monday, February 11, 2013

55 Things You May Wish You Didn't Know About Me....

Soooo....I took a blogger friend up on a challenge and am about to present you with 55 things about me you most likely did not know. I do believe in honesty (no matter how much it may hurt, it's better than being lied to), so no matter what it may make you think of goes:
55 Little Known Facts About Me:
55. I have an older sister and younger bro...and look *nothing* like them...
54. I was temporarily a Pilates instructor for a class no one signed up for.
53. I don't cry much during sappy movies...
52. Sometimes I wear a beard when I run (when it's cold...)
51. Once in a while I'll dye my hair brown to see what it's like to be a brunette ;)
50. I bite my nails.
49. Even though I grew up on the east coast, I can't stand seafood.
48. I'm Dutch
47. I'm trying to stop biting my nails.
46. I wanted to be an actress.
45. I wear contacts.
44. I am not immune to depression. Sometimes, it comes in waves.
43. I can snowboard.
42. My 3rd kid was accidentally born on my bff's toilet (caught by her husband, too!)
41. Sometimes my blue eyes change to green.
40. I've been to Peru. Almost stayed.
39. My first job was in a bridal shop. Loved it.
38. I have to have my "clutter piles" or I can't focus.
37. I wanted to be a hairstylist.
36. I’ll do just about anything if you dare me.
35. I graduated from a small Bible college.
34. I sneeze super-loud. Louder than any man I've met.
33. I wait until years after an "incident" to tell my Mom how it *really* happened.
32. I get ingrown toenails.
31. If it's chocolate, it has my name on it. 
30. I can run a little over 6 miles without stopping (so far). 
29. I call myself "The Baby Whisperer"....because I am *that good* with infants.
28. I love rollerblading!
27. I weighed 244lb the week before my oldest was born.
26. I really love my blonde hair and think that other people see it as magical and wonderful as I do ;)
25. I love folding laundry. I find it soothing.
24. Sometimes I call my oldest son by my brother's name.
23. I don't like tomatoes. texture issues.
22. I love clearance sales and bargain bins. I rarely pay full price for anything, and try to spend less than $7 for an article of clothing.
21. I have really horrible looking stretch marks on my arms.
20. Apparently, I look like my grandmother....see??

19. I don't know how to blow a snot rocket (runner shame, I know!)
18. I've taken the kids back to the east coast a few times just to see my family.
17. I like to think I'm an amateur interior decorator (when I have the time).
16. I've never watched an entire Super Bowl.
15. Okay so, I really don't understand football.
14. I am really the voice of Toilet Baby. (yes, I know. shocking, huh??)
13. I get car sick ;/
12. I love wearing fun socks!
11. I will go skydiving and bungee jumping one day (preferably not on the same day...we'll see...)
10. I don't have cable or any tv channels ;)
9. I love reading books!
8. I only follow a few blogs regularly (blogger guilt, I know!)
7. I've accidentally worn the same earrings to a party as the hostess.
6. I *LOVE* Instagram. (@BlondieChell if you wanna follow!)
5. I want to backpack through Europe one day...and run...
4. I rarely check my Twitter feed (@BlondieChell if you wanna follow! I do follow-back)
3. I love watching re-runs of Psych. (like you didn't know...mwahahahaha....)
2. I've puked up ocean water...and buried it in the, basically , when the tide came back in, the puke went into the ocean. 
1. I saved the most surprising thing for last:  I eat lollipop sticks. Yes. That's right. I eat the lollipop...then the stick just kind dissolves in my mouth...and...I eat it....There. My secret's out. 
                             Your turn! Post the link to your 55 things here & I'll read it!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Stuff To Know For Running In Snow

          I'm not sure what it is about running in snow that invigorates me....maybe it's the combination of two of my fav things (running & snow) or maybe it's the enticing snow-filled air....or, maybe it's just the random craziness that seems to run in my veins....Whichever reason, one of my most favorite things about living in Colorado is being able to run in freshly fallen snow. I have had the opportunity to run in snow enough times to find out what happens when you run in snow that has ice underneath.
       1. Know Your Trail. It is important that you know what kind of terrain is underneath the snow so you can know what to expect if the snow isn't packed (dirt or sand will give, while tougher surfaces such as pavement and concrete will not)

                     {Take this photo for instance: If I had not known there was soft ground on the hill, I probably would have stumbled after my foot fell into into it. The top surface is pavement, so I knew to strike the surface lighter there.}

        2. Bundle Up. My philosophy is "The warmer you are, the farther you can run" This may not be true for all runners, but I find that if I'm cold after I hit a mile (it takes a mile for me to warm up), I don't want to run much longer.
                                      Layers....It' all about layers.... Here's some of mine:

        3. Know your environment. Did it snow the day before? If so, ice may be lurking beneath the surface (unless it all melted-which is why you must know you're environment). I've ran on snow-packed roads even though it's been weeks since it's snowed because the snow was shaded and never had a chance to melt.
        4. Take warm water. Wait, what?? Yes. Fill your bottle with warm (not hot-we don't want anyone scalding themselves and thus ruining a fantastic run) water because if it's cold enough to snow (hello-frozen water) it's cold enough for your water to freeze.
        5. Take photos. How often do you get to run in snow?? Take photos not just for yourself, but fr your friends too! When's the last time they had the guts to run in snow?? That's right-inspire running guilt with just a simple click of your phone!
                                             Seriously fun!!!!

                                                  It's freezing cold!!!!

       6. Don't fall. Just. Don't. You'll never want to get back up, then when you do, you'll be too cold and demotivated to run.
        7. Track yourself. Use a GPS on your phone or whatever to track your run just in case something awful happens and you fall down a ravine or something. If my understanding of all things tv shows is correct, law enforcement should be able to find your gps signal and ensue in an awesome rescue mission ;)
                    Hopefully you've been inspired to run in some snow now! Just remember to stay safe and follow most of these tips!