Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Cape May Trip

     For weeks, my family had planned a trip to visit the beautiful shore in Cape May, New Jersey.  It's a small, quiet place with aVictorian Era theme.  There are several parts of the beach you can visit-by the Cape May Lighthouse (we went during the off-season one year, and mr brother & hubby found a "ghost detector"), the main shore, and Sunset Beach (also called Cape May Diamond Beach).
     I started the day with only three hours of sleep logged.  Why??  I was waaaaaaaay too excited!!!! My parents, brother, his fiance, Josiah & I drove an hour to the Cape May Lewis Ferry.  Everyone else drove (its about and hour & a half from where my parents live).  Apparently it was Denise's first time on the ferry.  She loved it! 
     Our first stop (hubby's first stop was WalMart to get a stroller since we forgot our at my parent's) was Sunset Beach! Yay for Cape May Diamonds!  I love digging through the sand to find these rocks (well, now it's more like all rocks and no sand....) and I love dragging everyone else along! I love bringing home Cape May Diamonds and other pretty rocks, and seashells for my summer decor.  This year (sleep deprivation has so many wonderful effects) after sitting and digging for the "diamonds", and holding Malachi from floating out to sea while I kept digging, I attempted some Pilates moves...and wanted to sleep...Malachi had different thoughts about the rocks-they are food.  Amber & Josiah managed to not get swept away, and had great fun bending over to douse their heads beneath the waves.
                                                    Beach Pilates

                                                   Getting wet without getting swept away....


Lookin' pretty!

    After eating, our next stop was the Washington Street Mall!  Yay for beach shopping!  Sadly, one of my fav restraunts, The Lemon Tree changed it's name to The Red Monkey Grill.  This prompted some creative thinking, and my brother and I entered using faux British accents (mine sounded more like a European blend).  He politely asked what kind of monkey they serve.  The quick-thinking cashier replied, "Red".  Apparently Rob can't keep a straight face, so he left me while I ordered (and waited for) my cheesesteak (I ate soooooo many of these on our trip!!! I don't think anyone knows how to make a good Philly Cheesesteak west of the Missisippi).  I maintained my awful faux accent until I left.
                                                 Washington Street Mall

     Hubby, Rob, Denise, Malachi, Josiah & I walked back to one of the vehicles to wait for everyone else.  Before they all fell asleep (see? only three hours of night-time sleep has it's benefits: over-tiredness!!!) I discovered hubby had bought some TastyKakes (these are soooo yummmy, but another delicacy of which we are deprived ;(  ) during his short Walmart jaunt.

                                              TastyKake....Where's your smile??
    Later, we ate dinner at a diner on our way home (yeah....just Sunset Beach and Washington St. Mall this time....we were waaaaaay too wore out to add anything else), and I was not in the mood for anything "heavy", so I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (I had *really* wanted Belgian Waffles, but they stop making them at a certain time), and I added syrup when it came.  Josiah slept through the entire dinner, through the laughter and chattter of eleven people, and kept sleeping.

    All in all, it was a great day....To read more about the magical world of Cape May, visit Cape May

Friday, July 27, 2012


    Ah, Delaware...the land of refineries and factories.  People in Colorado ask me what Delaware looks like (some aren't even sure where it is).  Well, it's flat, and boring, and I tell them this (though I'm thinking of chaning my answer to "magical-it's rainbow colored and has pink ponies floating everywhere).  Growing up, we learned the difference between safe Enlish ivy and it's poisonous counterpart.  We played in Banning Park, and shopped at Shoprite.  Anything below the top county (there's only three) is known as "Lower Slower" (there's a reason for this, trust me).  Air-onditioning is a necessity and so is Wawa.  We lived right near traintracks in an old brickhouse-late at night, when all was quiet and still, you could feel the house shake when a train went by (there were many nights I was terrified that the walls would fall down, and I worried myself with visions of the ceiling and floors caving in with us inside).
     Though the beaches are on of DE's main attractions (by the way, Delaware natives refer to their homestate as "DE" and Pennsylvania is "PA" and New Jersey is "Jersey"-yes, I am talking about everyday langauge, not texting) we rarely went.  Other "exciting" things include the small airport, the interstate, the Christiana Mall (which has expanded since I was a child), and Old New Castle (not to be confused with New Castle).  One thing I was not aware of, that one of my Colorado friends pointed out to me, was that Delaware had a "high point"-somebody spend a lot of hours finding the highest natural elevation point in the First State and marked it. With a sign and everything.  There's even a concrete island to protect this all-so-important point from traffic.  Hubby & I finally visited.  If you want more information about it, visit my friend's page dedicated to it:Colorado Guy


     Appologies- I've been missing from the blogosphere for a few weeks because my family just got got back to CO from a busy, family & friend filled time in DE.  In the awfully humidity of the First State.  We arrived in the Philly airport at 6:30 a.m- it was so humid, we were sweating in air-conditioning!  We tried to cram as much family & friend time as we could into our short trip, and almost fell asleep while doing so.
    It seemed that while we were on the east coast, the humidity sucked the life right out of us.  The kids napped like crazy (except for the Cape May trip-which is why Josiah passed out while we were leaving, and didn't wake till the next morning), and we did too!
    I managed to squeeze in a few runs, but after running in CO weather for so long, then jumping into the humid east coast summer kind of estinguishes any desire to exercise.  Even indoors.
    The next few posts will be stories of our trip ;) We visted Cape May, NJ, the highest point in DE, wore the same earrings to a party as the host (oops) and photo-bombed at the mall.  To give you a sneak peek, here's the link to my album on FB : just click

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rain On Our Parade

       So, what did you do yesterday?? Normally, we would look forward to the lighting (by this, I mean the accidentally setting of on fire) of S Mountain (you know, the one I almost died trying to climb).  But, due to all the fires and dry weather we're having, our county is under an extreme fire ban.  This means no open flames outside, whatsoever, including grills (unless it's gas), lawn care equiptment (unless it has a spark stopper or something-I do not remember what it's called), even cigarrette smoking.  That's right-no lighting up in public.  Not only will the dry grass be safe, but the air will be cleaner too! (ok, except for the smoke from all the wildfires in CO)
       Did it rain on your parade yesterday??? It did on ours!!! And we accepted it Salida-style: by standing in the rain so the kids could get candy & HotWheels! I saw this as an opportunity for some free therapy for Josiah...One of the sensations he seems to strongly dislike is the feeling of raindrops on him.  It doesn't help that we rarely see rain in the mountains, and down it came.  I kept urging him to leave the refuge of the tree he was under to grab more candy....He took a few trips out, and his efforts were rewarded with a HotWheels car!  We've never seen those handed out, and I have no idea who the sponsor was, but, he sure earned it!
   A few summers back, my friend talked me (more like pushed me, lol) into joining the Ark Valley Freedom Choir.  This is a random volunteer group led by the Noteables director that meets for two hours on three Monday nights before July 4th.  And they pull off a crowd-pleasing, twenty minute vocal performance.  This year, I had a line to say! Yay, me!!!  The vid of my one line prior to a song will be posted on my youtube account (look for the "^Watch This^" link on the right-hand side!) soon.  Did I mention the director has an "anything goes" (as long as it's red, white, and/or blue) attitude towards attire for this choir?  He'res a few pics of what I pulled off this year:
                                         AWESOME WIG!!!

    I didn't have glitter make-up, so I took super-fine craft glitter (Martha Stewart brand) and mixed with water.  Apparently, glitter floats, so you can only use the top layer, then mix in more.  I used a tiny make-up brush to apply.  I drew a glitter star on my left cheeek, but by the time I took the pics, it had disinegrated all over my face.... I also applied the past to my eyebrows & as eyeliner.  Tip: glitter is *VERY* hard to get off.....

                                                   Me & the Hubsters!!!