Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Guardian Angels

   My poor, poor guardian angels.  I feel so bad for them sometimes.  I'm sure that God has them on a monthly rotation for me so they don't get too worn out (or go insane).  Actually, I think their conversations go something like this:
   God:  "Hey, Angel גייב, come here.  I have a very special assignment for you."
   Angel גייב: "Oh, really?? Me?? Sure, Lord, whatever you want!"
   God: "Now, you can't tell anyone about this.  This is a secret mission."
  Angel גייב: (feeling quite proud) "I won't tell a soul! I promise!"
   God: "Come here." (gestures towards Himself) "Closer."
   Angel גייב: (all giddy with excitement) "Yes?"
   God: (whispering) "---------"
   Angel גייב: "What?!? No!!! Nooooooo!!!!"
   God: "Yes."
   Angel גייב: ::sniff, sniff:: (big sigh) "Ok. But only a month, right???"
   God: "Yes. Next month I'll find someone else to pick on."
    If you are familiar with my blog, you have probably come to the conclusion that stuff just happens to me.  No, it's not the hair color.  Things beyond my control just have a way of happening to me....and my poor guardian angels probably ward off more things than I can possibly imagine!!!  Well, I'm going for a run now.  It's back to work for them!

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