Friday, August 12, 2011

Update On The Gremlins

     Well, school's about to start in a week and I am so ready for the kids to go! Amber is starting her first year of preschool & Josiah's going back for his 2nd.  Amber's been introduced to the school setting and teachers through a summer program their school offers.
     Josiah is still attending his weekly swim/speech therapy lessons.  He thoroughly enjoys his sessions with his speech pathologist.  He will be attending Pre-K 4 four mornings a week this semester which will help transition him to kindergarten next year.  He can already write his name (well, he can write all of the letters-just not in order....ok, fine, so the "S" is just kind of a half-hearted squiggle....) and recognize some letters.  Right now he enjoys riding his bike (without training wheels!) and scooter outside.  He loves running around and being active.  He also loves anything with wheels or an engine, so it's no wonder that he is still obsessed with toy cars and his train set. 
     Amber is (slowly) learning how to ride a tricycle.  She's been progressing quickly these past few weeks, and when Josiah's at the pool for his weekly lessons, we've been taking her to the Salida Trail (not the official name, but that's what the locals call it) to practice.  We're hoping she'll be ready for a big-girl bike (with the training wheels-she'll need them for at least 5 years, lol) by next summer.  She enjoys singing songs, riding her bike, dressing up and smiling for the camera!
    Malachi weighs 15lbs now (he's not even 4 months yet!) and enjoys smiling at people.  I'm pretty sure he's teething, so we'll see some chompers pop up in the next few weeks or so.  He also likes to poop...alot...  Right now his siblings seem to like him, but that's probably because he's not mobile & into their stuff yet.  Josiah seems to think he knows what's wrong with Malachi when he cries, and he's constantly telling me, "He's hungry! Feed him!", "He needs to be changed", "He's tired."  Wow.  I am so glad my 4-year-old knows what's wrong with the baby! The children are also very good at telling me when he's spit up, or is drooling. 
    Well, Amber will be turning 3 in the next few weeks and two months later, Josiah will be 5!  Where has the time gone? 
   Enjoy this photo...and the spit-up....(yes, the poor kid must wear a bib 24/7 now because he drools constantly...)

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