Friday, December 11, 2015

Space Cadet Defined

       Space Cadet. To some, it is an occupation- a live person who goes into space with a special suit, oxygen and freeze-dried food.  In the van Veen household, it meant something totally different. It was only recently that I came to the discovery that apparently I do not share the same definition of the term "Space Cadet" as most of my peers do.
    This often leads to awkward conversations where I unabashedly say things like "Yeah, so-and-so is a total space cadet," and my conversation buddy is all like, "No way! Can they give me a tour of NASA??". This is the part where, unfortunately, I have to burst their celebrity bubble. And now, I shall burst yours too.
         See, here is the not-so-famous *van Veen* definition of the term "Space Cadet": "someone whose brain has left the planet, is deprived of oxygen...and is now floating around in space, lost and faaaaaaaar from home". These folk display characteristics such as "extreme blondeness" and no common knowlege or ability to grasp such simple concepts such as 2 +2, or "the grass is green".
          For example: that person who just asked you where the crosswalk was (that you were both standing in), heard your response, then proceeded to walk across the street in the not-a-cross-walk.
    Granted, we all have moments in our lives where we forget things or our blonde roots start to show, but Space Cadets are the extreme version of is their life ALL. THE. TIME.
     Now, to be honest, no one know how or where these lovely people derive from. Some may have been created through circumstance while others are a product of of their environments....and the rest must just grow on trees, because they just keep showing up....