Monday, September 30, 2013

Skora Ambassador Submission

Here's my submisson to Skora to become a Skora Ambassador. This is what HQ will be reviewing:

     Hi, My name’s Michelle! I *really tried* to write two different paragraphs for “Running/Athletic Accomplishments” and “Running/Athletic Goals” but mine seem to mesh together, so I’ll just tell you my story.
     I am a 27yo wife & mom to 3. In high school I was very active and participated in just about all of the sports my school offered. I always loved playing a sport rather than watching it. High school passed, college, marriage and kids filled in some years and I found myself wanting to lose weight and get rid of this “mommy fat” that encompasses my center. At 230lbs, I started of gradually, with short at-home-work-out dvds, then I got the urge to start running. So I did. And four years later, I find myself running 4+miles 3 days a week and a long run on the weekend that’s been up to 8 miles.
    I consider myself a distance/endurance runner, and I am gradually increasing my distances. I’ve participated in 5ks, and can run 10k distances. My future goals are to do half and full marathons. I’d also love to do ultras (my #1 ultra goal is the Leadville 100).  We lived in Colorado for the past 7 years, but this summer we moved up to Anchorage, AK. So I feel lucky that I was able to spend several years running in the mountains of Colorado. And now I am enjoying the beautiful scenery here in AK. I broke up with my treadmill over a year ago. I only run outside, and I love running in snow.
    This fall I’ve been able to volunteer with the kid’s running club at school, and I plan to volunteer with their soccer team as well.  I love being active and taking my family out n weekend hikes and walks along the beautiful Anchorage coast.
Examples of social influence (on or offline)
    I like to think that my social influence encompasses both on & offline. Online, my Klout score hovers around 60. I find myself active in the running community-participating in discussions on running, minimalist shoe-wearing and fitness activities. I engage my readers on my blog fan page, and I have almost 1000 Twitter followers. I am constantly posting running selfies and pics of my Vibrams to Instagram.
     My social influence includes encouraging my children and other children to participate in the local kid’s running club (and I run with them!), and I’ve had 3 friends recently join “the running world”. I am also active in our local running community.

Relevant links to anything you think we should know
Facebook Profile:
Facebook Fanpage:

Your experience in minimalist shoes
I’ve been wearing VibramFivefingers for a few years now and love them!!! 

 Any experience with Skora

I have tried Skoras on, but I haven’t had the opportunity to experience them on the road!

Here are the 3 pics I submitted for an "action shot"!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Poopy Weekend

          To continue my TMI streak (see here & here), I'm going to  regale you with a disgusting tale of my Sunday last week. My SIL dubbed it "a poopy day". Really, it had been a poopy weekend.
          It started with "one of the kids" (there's 7 here, remember??)  smearing poop all over the bathroom (we're pretty sure it was accidental...we hope) and the rug. Well, the next night, the poor rug (just the rug!) was attacked again. We had our suspicions (the 2yo is the only kiddo who still sits down to put his undies on), but no witnesses.
         On Sunday I found myself in a Walmart bathroom with our now 5yo (this was because of a "you'd rather not know" potty at the restaurant we went to lunch at). She seemed to be experiencing a time delay, so I approached her stall. This action was met with "No, Mommy! I don't want you to see my fingers like this!" Yes. She had miscalculated the amount of bathroom tissue she needed to wipe with. So as I helped her clean the mess, we talked about using appropriate amounts and how *that* kind of toilet paper is "very thin".
         Naturally, this convo led to a "who got poop on the bathroom rug the other night" convo. And she admitted it was her. (I know! I know!) So, as we wandered around Walmart, I attempted to discover the "why" behind it (I still don't the answer to that!) We ended up in the hair product section and picked out a few items, then Amber saw the new Niki Minaj (is that how you spell it??) perfume. Which is just a torso bottle with a head cap. The display, however, was just the torso. I'm not a huge perfume wearer (or Niki Minaj fan) so when Amber commented on how pretty the perfume bottle was, I stated, "Amber, that is not pretty! That is just her torso and some blue lines across her boobs, so that means her boobs are showing. That is *not* pretty."
         Of course *this* convo led to Amber saying how she doesn't have boobs yet, and I assured her she would get some "soon". Then she says, "Yeah. All I have right now are these polky-dot things". As I glanced over to say some pearl of motherly wisdom, I noticed she had emphasized her statement by raising her shirt. For all of Walmart to see. (I just wanted to face-palm so hard that I would smack myself into another dimension. It didn't happen)
        Later, I found myself in the same Walmart bathroom with the 2yo... who decided that it would be awesome to not only exit the stall by crawling out from under it, but to do so using the "side exit". Under another stall. Hi, my name's Michelle, and MORTIFIED is my middle name.
       Hope your weekend was less poopy!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tattler Thursday BlogHop #19 Tattling About the ToothFairy!

   Welcome to Tattler Thursday!!! Today's story is a double-tattle. I'm tattling on our 6yo, and myself!! Why?? Well, really, it's the Tooth Fairy's fault. Uh-huh.
    See, if it wasn't for the whimsical fairy who breaks & enters into folks houses to steal pieces of a human's anatomy, children wouldn't be so excited about losing teeth. But they are. And they typically anticipate a visit from this magical creature (seriously. how can they not be scared of a stranger sneaking into their room in the middle of the night & huddling over them all stalker-like, listening to their slow breaths??) and form of payment. I believe that in the adult world, selling human body parts is illegal. When will someone come & arrest the Tooth Fairy??
    Anyways, Josiah had lost his first tooth a few months ago. The creepy chick in a tutu visited. Then a few weeks ago, he lost tooth #2 when he bit a kid's leg. So as not to encourage this type of behavior, he was informed that the Tooth Fairy would not be visiting for that tooth. And then I told him that if he pulled out the super-duper-loose tooth (the one that just came out?? not super-duper-loose!) that the Tooth Fairy would visit. And this child who fears pain and the unknown did it!
    And when the children asked questions about the mythical fairy.... I explained that us parents were actually the Tooth Fairy. That being said ( I know! I know! But....we try to not lie to the kids.), the kiddos were still extremely excited about the magical night-time stalker coming for a visit. And she did. And Josiah received a Sacagawea dollar for his efforts.
     About a week or so later, tooth #4 fell out during lunch. Ewwww. And so I placed the tooth "somewhere safe" until we could put it under his pillow. And then we forgot about it. And then I found it 3 days later. And so I put it in "a safe place" again. And now I can't find it, but no one's questioned it, so....I'm safe for now!!!
     Enjoy hopping, everyone!!!

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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Etiquette and Execution of the Snot Rocket, Part II

     I do believe in my last post about this topic, I spoke about Snot Rocketing in a secludedish part of a trail. This week my mind has been blown by two things:
     1. A fellow runner hocked a loogie right in front of me. He was headed in the opposite direction I was and he hocked & spit almost in my path (it wasn't a Snot Rocket, but it was mucus launched from a bodily orifice). I was shocked. For a bit. But then I wondered about how Snot Rocket Etiquette pertains to fellow runners. I guess if it's common for a runner to do it, then why should we feel self conscious to execute our techniques in front of others?
    2. I decided to purposely practice my technique this week so I could offer some better advice. Such as: While Snot Rocketting, remember that a "still" is different than an "in motion". I fear my phone will never forgive me. That being said, watch your stance an aim during execution. You don't want to do an "in motion" while your arm is swinging in front of your face, and you won't want to perfect a "still" while looking down at your phone. It's all about bodily awareness.
    So this week's lessons are about Bodily Awareness, Perfecting Execution and overcoming Social Fears.
    Bodily Awareness (as stated above) entails being fully conscious of your body, where your intended land point is and your stance. Practice stills and in motions.
    Perfecting Execution includes 1. making sure your opposite nostril is fully depressed (it typically takes one to two fingers, depending on nostril size) during the exhale, 2. practicing the "pre-snot rocket inhale", and 3. practicing how to fully execute the snot from your open nostril without making the situation look like you are choking to death.
     Social Fears include the fear of executing a Snot Rocket in front of fellow runners and the suppressed confidence of being able to adequately execute your Snot Rocket.
    Your mission this week is to go out and give it a try! That's right! I want you seize your moment and add a new skill to your running (or walking) arsenal! And report back to me!!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Etiquette and Execution of Snot Rockets Part I

   I know you're dying to know. And yes, a "snot rocket" is a natural way to relieve bothersome nasal clog without harming the environment with biodegradable debri such as unattended Kleenex or handkerchiefs.
    You simply press against one side of your nose while exhaling harshly out of the other side. Snot Rocket. Simple. Just like that. (Did you just try it??? Ewww. You're gross!!!)
     See, I had read about the Snot Rocket technique months ago. Maybe a year ago. But I had been too timid to try it. I typically carry a bunch of tissues with me and after they're used, I place them in a certain pocket. Yes, it can be a lot of bulk and it takes time to fold them "just so" so thaht they're not a wadded bulk, and the fact that I have to remember to bring them. It took us moving to Alaska for me to grow bold enough (okay, so really, I left the house without tissues and my snotter was severely clogged and I'm not a fan of the whole "use your sleeve" method, so I felt like I had no choice) to try it. Just once. I understood that my first attempt would be a complete failure, but I had to try. And it was magnificent. Beautiful, even. I executed it almost perfectly.
     And then I was free. Free of wearing pockets or a running belt just to hold my wad of tissues. Free of worry that those discarded germy tissues on the ground were mine. Free of remembering *just one more thing* to take with me on a run.
      I will say that while I am comfortable with my technique, I'm not *that* comfortable to do it in front of others. I typically wait until I'm on a "secludedish" part of a trail to execute it, and I double-check behind me (never know when a cyclist or moose is creepin' up on ya!) before execution.
     Here is a short list of places I don't think people should be snot-rocketting:
     1. In the car.
     2. On the couch.
     3. In front of your lover.
     4. In front of your kids. (Truth be told, I may be breaking this no-no soon as I'm starting to run w/the kiddos!)
     5. In a store. Definitely not in a store.
   So get out there. Try it. Don't snot on yourself (Or if you do, don't tell anyone!!!). And tell me your results!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Living With The Besties....

     How may of you have thought "Man, I wish I could live with my BFF's. That'd be awesome!!!" Yeah, me too. But now it's a reality for us. All 11 of us. And the poor bathroom. We're renting a small 3 bedroom house together. In Alaska. Fun times.
    Let me tell you-it's not been easy. A learning experience for sure. Try living with your BFFs and a bunch of kiddos in a small house. This is the kind of bonding experience few people dream of, and only fewer escape alive.
     We are two families trying to blend and yet still stay separate. Everyone is pitching in, trying to make financial ends meet, keep everyone fed & household chores at bay. It's been the most interesting life experience I've had, besides visiting Peru as a teenager.
     We've fought, argued, grew angry and forgave. We are learning what it means to live with each other, day in & day out. Where toes get stepped on. What lines aren't expected to be crossed. What it's like to live with two women who's Aunt Flo comes to visit on back-to-back weeks.
     I think one of the concepts God wants us to learn during this time is communication. With each other. How to tell someone that "that-thing-you-just-did-or-didn't-do-made-me-very-mad".
      I guess some people wouldn't consider living in such close quarters with another family an enjoyable experience, but it is, in a way. We get to spend quality time with our friends without having to "make plans" to go see them, call them on the phone or worry about "dropping by unexpectedly". We don't have to worry about paying for babysitters (the prices here are outrageous!) because we make sure that at least one of us adults will be available to watch whichever kiddos need watching at any given time.
       We have no idea how long life will stay this way, or who will be sent to the mental institution first (all bets are on me!!!). God knows and hopefully we won't kill each other in the mean time.
       Good or bad, it's a learning experience. For all of us.