Monday, March 30, 2015

BlondieChell's March #MomFail Moment

          Total #MomFail moment over here this weekend. It all started on Saturday morning. I slept in, then was woken up by the volume level of three kiddos. I did my my best to keep them out of my hair for a few more minutes by telling them to make me some coffee. (Because I  couldn't think of anything else to keep them busy). I heard the 3yo yell "I'll do it!!! J-----!!! Make Mommy some coffee!!!"
           A few months go, I did teach J how to make it for me....but he didn't get the memo that I switched to drinking straight black. And his 3yo bro decided to "pitch-in" so what they brought me was an overly sweetened cup of what I can only assume to be a semblance of coffee, with noticeable floating grounds. Yum. (Did I mention the only creamer I had was an unopened bottle of Peppermint Mocha....bought sometime in December?? Well...that's where the creamer came from). Needless to say, I wasn't grateful for it. *Then* all of the kids started asking for coffee.
        Now, I've read reports about how caffeine can be beneficial people on the autism spectrum.  I've tried coffee with J before, but it was only once and I couldn't gauge the results. So, I told J he could have some. Then the other two started begging. What was a Mom to do?? Of course J shouldn't *really* be getting coffee, but I wanted to see the effects.....(caffeine is calming for me) so I
conceded and gave all three of them a "little bit". Because I couldn't figure out how to fudge my way of this one.
      Well, A surprised me. She didn't like the taste at all, so she didn't drink any. M jumped ship and started running around (we channeled his energy into cleaning the windows....which he was too excited about...then he starting crawling on all fours chasing a tiny white feather around the house saying "Butterfly! Baby butterfly!!!"). J seemed fine, but then as the morning progressed, so did his behavior. He started to resemble the hyper 3yo.  So I'm going to conclude that caffeine is a stimulant, not a suppressant for J. At least I have my answer, right??


Monday, March 23, 2015

This One Weird Trick That Keeps Your Water Bottle From Freezing

   As you know, life in Alaska means that it is very cold at times. And if you leave any liquids in the car they may freeze overnight. Which instead of water...and of course it will take forever to melt.
   And since winter is still lingering in some parts of the world (not Alaska, hehe) I thought it would be an opportune time to share this!
    I'm really good at leaving my water bottle in the car, so one would think that I would learn not to.
    Nope. One thing I did notice though, is that the water wouldn't always freeze. This started happening when I would leave my bottle in the seat with my extra jacket.
     So I experimented. (And yes, it went well!) As long as I kept my water bottle under some sort of clothing or bags, it wouldn't freeze. If I left it in a cup holder, I would find ice.
     The moral of the story is, if you're too lazy to bring your bottle inside, yet still desire it unfrozen, throw something over it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Letting Loose

    I had a conversation (it may have been mostly one-sided) with some women at my church yesterday morning. We started discussing the complexities of being on the stage in the choir, yet the pastor encourages (read: *ENCOURAGES*) us to "let loose" during worship. Which may mean certain extremes. Which means moving....and...well....
   This topic eventually led us on the path of women "letting loose" people get moving, we pondered women's shoes flying potentially into the congregation (or whacking the music minister in the head while he's playing keyboard). Obviously these scenarios can be hazardous to everyone's health.
    So I created a solution for this potential hazard: hot glue-gun on stage to glue women's hosiery to their know, so their shoes won't fly off, but they will be at liberty to move however the Spirit leads. As in.... "Sister Sally, are you glued in today???", "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you on stage until you've been glued.",  "Let's get our glue on!!!", "Oops. I forgot to glue!"
    If you have a problem, BlondieChell has a solution!!! Moral of the story: don't "let loose" until you've been glued in!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Things To Do When Running Solo Outside

    This morning I have a list of tips for you of things you can do while running solo outside. (Note: performing these tasks while running indoors on a treadmill may make you seem like a crazy person):

     Things To Do When Running Solo Outside:
 1. Talk to someone via microphone headphone or bluetooth. I get in some great conversations this way, and I'm multitasking.
 2. Pray
 3. Butt-kicks. Because I can't get Jillian Michaels out of my head.
 4. Talk to an imaginary dog. Because it's all about talking while running which means expanding your lung capacity.
  5. Skip. Because changing it up is good.
 6. Sing really loud to your music In your opera voice.
 7. Crochet. I haven't attempted this, but I'm tempted to.
 8. Take selfies at crazy angles (you may need to stop running in order to do this...not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...haha)

   Have a great week!!! And tell me how these tips work for you!!!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Violence Is Sometimes Okay....

    This weekend it occurred to me that a lot of things that happen in the spiritual realm that we consider positive encounters are actually quite violent....
    Like...wanting to be "on fire for God". In reality, being set on fire is a bad thing. A VERY bad thing. You kind of die.
     Or you want "the Spirit to crash over me like waves". Ever seen a wave?? They can be pretty destructive. We associate the word "crash" with them. CRASHING WAVES. Nothing that crashes is calm or serene. It too is violent. Yet we choose to associate those words with God and things of the spiritual realm.
      And we wonder why people look at us like we're crazy. "No, I don't want you to throw a lit match at me-I want to be set on fire by GOD!!!". Yep. Crazy. Train.
      As these thoughts flooded into my head this weekend, I discovered that, perhaps the reason why violence is prevalent in the scripture is because we are at war. A spiritual war. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places " (Ephesians 6:12).
       And somehow...that makes it all okay. Because I know that God has my back, no matter what may come.
    May the spirit of God crash over you like waves so that you may be set on fire. Have a great week!!