Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ugggh...I hate trying to cook new things.... Today's item was sopapillas...the directions sounded easy enough, but I'm still tyring to figure out the whole "cooking things in hot oil" thing...And now I'm starting to think that a deep fryer would probably be a good investment (yes, I am using oil in a pan on the stove). The recipe for tonight's treat stated that the oil needed to be 400 degrees....and unfortunately, I do not have a thermometer that measures that high.... Needless to say, I actually did burn the sopapillas and they were a bit doughy, so I'm guessing I should have turned the hot oil down a bit... It didn't help that my 3 year old tossed his sopapilla back into the hot oil after declaring that it was "hot", which led me to yank the treat (using tongs of course-I didn't need a "more burnt" sopapilla) from the pan, then move the pan to a back burner. My rapid motions caused drops of oil to jump from the pan and land on my hand... Needless to say, I'll be expecting some nice sized blisters in the morning. And, as I am writing this, my 3 year old is sticking his hands into the powdered sugar saying "I like. I like." So who wants a sugar strung child?

First Post

This is my first post, hence the title....i don't know why i haven't done this before. I could see myself becoming an excellent blogger, since I love to write and always have a story to tell ;) I have two kids, ages 3.5 & almost 2 years.  I have been in denial about my little girl entering the "terrible two's" stage, but I am slowing accepting the fact that it indeed is happening...We live in a small town in CO and my husband is the Pastor of a small church that we started.  Our families reside in DE, although my parents hope to eventually move out here.