Monday, May 26, 2014

Valid Reasons For Carrying a Phone While Running With Kids

   I run with kids. I've been running with kids...and I feel like after a few months, I'm pretty seasoned about it, so I've decided that I have the authority to offer some unsolicited advice. Like why you should carry a (charged) cell phone while running:

1.'re running with kids....need I say more?? Okay, well then...

2. Random accidents (this is especially true when you've got a gaggle of kiddos with you) like the time J's nose spontaneously bled heavily almost a mile from home in the winter time. I had to sacrifice my hoodie to staunch the flow....or like the time T tripped & fell, injuring her ankle. She acted like it was broken and we were over a mile from the woods. Good times, I swear.

3. Stuff happens. Like Jer getting lost in the woods...we were a mile from both home & any main roads, so the kiddos & I continued on our path, hoping he would show up. And eventually he did (apparently he lost sight of me, so he climbed a tree, but still didn't see me and instinctively ran to the paved trail he knew we were on)

4. There's always the chance you (and/or the kiddos) will run too far and won't be able to safely make it back home (we haven't done that yet!).

5. Pictures! There's always time for selfies & pictures! (Just see my IG feed!)

Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Things We Didn't Know About Color Runs

Some of the kiddos & I were able to participate in a Color Run this weekend! We were sooooo excited!!! And, like most newbie color runners, we did our research (seriously. who wouldn't research how easy it is to get the color out post run?). And afterwards, we discovered some things that no one ever told us...So here's my short list of
      Things No One Ever Told Us About Color Running:

       1. No matter how hard you try not to, you will inhale some of the powdered color (unless you're wearing a bandanna or dust mask. which we weren't)

       2. The color gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You know that white shirt you just wore? the color went through it and stained your undergarments. And skin. (We've heard it's super easy to wash out though, so just don't do a color run before you head into work)

          (Before & After photos!)

       3. Sunglasses help no one. Sure, it *seems* ideal, but unless you're wearing goggles, it will get into your eye area. My kiddos forwent (past tense of "forgo"??) wearing theirs and didn't complain. I wore mine, and still had to blink powder out at certain color stations.

       4. No one (except fellow color racers) wants to hug you post-run. Saddest thing ever ;(
                      See this? This is Hubs *not* hugging me post run!

       5. If you go shopping immediately afterwards, no one draws attention to your stained face and streaked hair. Which is nice. Or not...Either the standards of "normal" or changing, or everyone's growing more accepting of differences....Or they're like, "Oh, look! They just went for a color run! Do you think they know? Yeah...the probably know...."
     Did we have fun?? Sure thing! Would we do it again?? OH, YEAH!!!!!


Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Cartwheel As An Adult

  Today's post spawns from my newest trick: Cartwheeling! I have this theory that as an adult, I can try new (or retry) things! So I've started cartwheeling and created this tutorial (more liek a "how I learned how to") for ya:

   How To Cartwheel As An Adult:
1. Find a child you can watch cartwheel who won't yell "Stranger Danger!" (Preferably one who resembles you so you won't get pegged as being "that creepy person with a creepy vehicle")
2. Find a soft, safe place to practice.
3. Lean to your side (pick a side!) and place that side's hand flat on the ground. This will be side #1.
4. Bring Hand #2 down and parallel with Hand #1 on the ground (approx shoulder width apart)

                                                Like so...ish....

5. Stand up and repeat Steps 3&4, while bringing Leg #2 up and swinging it over to hopefully land next to (or near) Hand # 2.
6. Leg #1 should naturally follow Leg #2 in succession (up and over and down).
7. After you've fallen on your bum, try steps 5-6 again (Singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." may help!), and hopefully you will land on your feet!

And, here are two short clips of me cartwheeling last weekend! Good luck!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Trail Running in Alaska

   As a self-proclaimed trail runner, I loved trekking the dirt packed rocky terrain of Colorado. I would run for miles...and I believe that is what made me fall in love with running...
    Fast forward to  our life in Anchorage, AK where the "trails" are mostly paved sidewalks winding through the town. This terrain took a few months of adjusting.
    Well, as things would have it (and since the snow melted),the kiddos have discovered that they love the woods and exploring the few miles of random bike trails amidst. After teaching them about the dangers of Moose & Bears, I gave into their whims and so off we ventured into the woods!

    Running can be a time of when I discovered that maybe Alaskan trail running really isn't my thing?? Seriously, folks....springtime here apparently means mud, muck and icy cold puddles...of yuck. This made me realize something...maybe I'm not cut out for Alaskan trail running... I mean, mud is yucky no matter how old you are, right??
    Also this almost-thirty-year-old has forgotten how to race down a root-studded hill...All I could think on our trek into the forrest was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Nature! It's all over me!!!" (and yes, I said it in Melman's voice too).
     Another realization? BlondieChell does not deal well with spiderwebs and bugs all over her. She just doesn't. The kids?? Well they couldn't seem to care less as they happily ran long (also, they were well below the web-line), jumping in muck and scaling hills like they were part mountain goat.
    So for now, this girl takes back her "trail runner" title until she's able to conquer the Alaskan terrain. And bugs. And the freakishly ginormous mosquito