Thursday, August 4, 2011

The End Of An Era

    To those who have been following my jeep/truck driving saga, I wanted to let you know that for now, I am giving up on the ambition of learning to drive a manual transmission.  ::Insert shock here::  It had come to my attention that not everyone is created equal when it comes to learning the basics of the necessary driving techniques need to drive stick.  I do not think that I will ever be able to smoothly transition a vehicle with a manual transition from the stop position.  Releasing the clutch while my foot is engaging the accelerator "just right" takes way more coordination than I have right now.
   In my defense, my timing is off....when it comes to everything, including music.  This is a fact that is well-known, but missed when it came to teaching me this new venture.  I may attempt this feat again, but for now, I am content to drive my van that is gradually becoming ghetto-er the longer we have it (since Josiah damaged the door, the computer in the vehicle registers the door as either being not shut properly or missing, so it started this annoying dinging that seems to cease only if you disconnect the car's battery; we need a new seat belt in the back-we had to slice through it when a friend's kid decided to wrap it around their neck; the other automatic door has issues closing/opening sometimes; the list just goes on...).
    For some unknown reason (stubbornness, maybe?), Hubby still thinks that I am capable of learning how to drive a manual transmission.  Ah, least someone still had confidence in me ;) 

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