Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tattler Thursday Nov 27, 2013

    Typically on Tattler Thursday I have a fantastic story of the random behaviors my epic children exhibit....but my work schedule has been changing the past few weeks, so I haven't seen the kiddos as much which means I don't have enough ammo...and I don't have any hilarious Thanksgiving stories either, so I am going to regale you with The Tradition of the Forgotten Child.
     Growing up, I became "the forgotten child". Not intentionally, but it happened. My earliest memory (we're skipping the part where Dad left one of us at a McD's) of being forgotten took place in Preschool. It was field trip day and my Mommy was a chaperone! We were headed to the zoo and Mommy wore a black and white vertical striped dress. All of the parents were lined up against the chalkboard, and the teacher proceeded to call the children up into groups-the first ones called were the children of the chaperones. So I sat there waiting for my name to be called because my Mommy was a chaperone! And I sat there....and sat...and waited...until finally I lifted my head from the desk & looked around, only to hear, "Oh, I'm sorry, Michelle. I forgot about you!" And so it began.
      Over the years, I've come to terms with being "forgotten" and at times, it has it benefits (like not having to do something). And now that I have children of my own, I've been waiting for the title to be passed on. And this week it was. And I had nothing to do with it!
      Here's how my daughter's initiation into "the club" started: Wait...before I tell you this, you have to understand that there are SEVEN children in the house. Five of those attend school. One attends daycare. One stays home with the "adult of the day". Walking 6 kiddos to school and remembering to bring one back is a feat in itself. Thankfully, the distance is short.
     Monday (yeah, it was aa Monday too. Alot of factors at play here) morning when the "adult of the day" returned from taking the kiddos to school (he had the 2yo in tow. High-five award right there!) the "adult of the day" heard water running in the bathroom, so he went to shut it off and discovered Amber washing her hands. Poor kid had no idea that she had been left behind. And I have no idea where she thought the rest of the kiddos were.
    The tradition has been passed on.
   So what's your Tattler Thursday tale?? Link up here!

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Whiny Wednesday Nov 27 2013

     You know how some bloggers do a "Talk About It Tuesday" or "Wordless Wednesday"?? Well I got all creative and combined my new obsession with a midweek post. It's called "Whiny Wednesday".
      To fill in those of you who don't follow me on FB, my latest obsession (Hubs so graciously called it an "interest") is Alaska vanity license plates. There. I said it. Shame and all.
       According to some website, the "vanity penetration rate" for Alaska is 4.99% which means that almost 5% of the vehicles with Alaska plates are vanity tags. However, I have this unsupported theory that the majority of that 5% live in Anchorage.Because I see them. ALL THE TIME.
       After noticing that I was seeing dozens (100 maybe??) a week just from commuting 20 minutes to work and running errands, I came to the conclusion that there are alot of vanity tags here. Alot. (Next week I shall be figuring out the percentage of how many vanity tags I see compared to the "regular" ones)
       This series shall be my sounding board as I rant about these collections of letters and numbers. Like "AK BOY". Ack, you're a boy?? Oh...I get it. "Alaska Boy". So...did you just have a boy? Or are you just not yet a man?? (See?? this is going somewhere, people!)
        So I hope that you shall join me in this insanity, find your state's vanity penetration rate and get obsessed yourself! Meanwhile, I shall leave you with a short list of tags I've seen: (Comment on them below!)
              500 SW
              DID NOT

Monday, November 25, 2013

Still Rambling About Alaska...

     So it seems that all I have to write about recently is Alaska. Which is great for you, because most of you have never been here. And you've only heard rumors & think we all live like the people in the show "Life Below Zero" or "Alaska- The Last Frontier".
      Right now our family lives in the largest city in AK- Anchorage. The state capitol is a few hundred (I'm just guestimating) miles or so south of us and you can only get there by boat or plane. Seriously. Not that we've ever had to go to a state capitol for an emergency or anything, but if we did, it would take some planning to get there.
       Now, we've traveled down the Seward highway down to the Kenai Peninsula, and we've went upwards to Palmer and Wasilla, but that's all the time we had for daytrips in the summer. Now we feel like we're "stuck" here in Anchorage until snowy, icy roads are no longer a danger.
      It's getting pretty cold here now, but apparently there's "cold snaps" (temperatures in the negatives. For at least a week.) and then it warms up a bit (you know-at least to zero degrees) before another "cold snap" hits...and I'm not sure what the pattern looks like after that. We shall see. We're taking things one step at a time.
      Darkness? long as you're indoors and the lights are on, you don't notice it. It was a huge thing for me when I was walking the kiddos to school at 8:30 a.m. and it was still dark out...but then Daylight Savings Time happened, so the sun actually starts to peek around the corners at 8:30 a.m. The "darkest day" for us will be right before Christmas, but we should still see about 5-7 hours of sunlight. Sunsets at 3:30 p.m. are hard to get used to, but the views here are stunning and each time the sun rises and sets (unless there's a thick cloud-cover, then we can't see it) it's magical. Well, I think so.
       Anchorage is very citi-fied. "Downtown" is like a miniature version of an actual city. There's also "South Anchorage", "The North End", "Turnagain", "Mountain View", and some other . We live in "Turnagain" which would be in the west part of Anchorage. Older houses here are smaller and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Like no one really cared how uniform they were.
       There is a join military base here which may account for a large number of the population and commerce. We actually live near the airport, so we here (and see) planes all the time. Of course aviation is a big thing here, with the airport, Air Force and bush pilots that service different parts of the state. I grew up near a small airport, so I'm used to hearing planes take off and land.
       What bothers me is when we tell people (including "good Christian friends") that God told us to move here...and then they ask what ministry-type thing we're doing...and then we awkwardly answer "Well...nothing yet..." and then there's this awkward pause-type thing....where you *know* they're either thinking that we are crazy or that we're just not the awesome Christians they thought we were.
        As crazy as it's been, we do know that this is where God has us. For now. Why?? Yeah...we've been asking that for months...with no answer, so we're just settling in and getting the lay of the land. Learning the culture. Keeping a roof over our heads. Making sure we don't kill the kiddos (and that they don't kill themselves). Because we have faith. And God hasn't led us astray yet. We're not homeless (though technically, 2 families living in a space built for 1 family is considered "homelessness") and we have clothes to wear (we didn't receive any "Jeremiah" visions) and food to eat.
        It also bothers me when we tell people where we live and they say things like "Oh, that's too cold for me". Well, good for you. We didn't ask you to move here with us, and you better pray that God doesn't send you here too (seriously. God likes to do this thing where you say "I'll never ----" and then BAM! It happens!).
         Any questions about Alaska you'd like me to answer?? Leave a comment below! Meanwhile, enjoy this Alaskan photo dump:

Monday, November 18, 2013

First Snow In AK

   So, we moved to Alaska. I made it here in the summer, when the sun was still shining at midnight. Hubs and 2 of the kiddos arrived right before "rainy season" so they didn't get to experience the awesomeness of rays of sunshine stabbing you in the eye at 4 a.m.
    Prior to the rainy season, Alaska seemed like a magical wonderland of sunshine, fresh air and majestic views. During the rainy season (seriously. no one EVER tell you about the rainy season until you ask if a week of continuous downpour is "normal". Then they just look at you and laugh.) the days were dark and dreary. This lasted for almost a month (which, it turns out, is the longest rainy season they've experience in many, many years. Also, the summer was a record breaker & something about this past winter was too. AK knew we were coming!). Then the days seemed like typical Colorado fall days. Okay, maybe typical Colorado winter days. It was cold. Even when the sun was out. And...a few weeks ago, it turned into winter here. (Yes. Calendar still says "fall", but this is Alaska-where the sun shines whenever it wants for however long it wants. Because it can. And apparently no one but God can tell it what to do.)
      A week ago Saturday it snowed. was more like a dusting. A warm-up to what Sunday afternoon held in store (which was more like a dump. The sky just dumped buckets of snow on Anchorage. For no reason). And that was awesome because we discovered that 1. No one plows the roads right away, 2. They wait a few days before administering any kind of traction to the roads, 3. Driving on roads of ice is possible and tons of people do it every day, 4. When someone finally decides to throw some traction on the roads, it's a mixture of gravel and sand (because salting the roads doesn't work here. Ever.), 5. Stores and other places to shop/visit toss gravel all over their parking lots and sidewalks (seriously. no one uses salt outdoors), 6. A day or so *after* they (whomever. state, city, county. whomever.) toss traction onto the frozen roads, they clog up traffic with a double helping of extremely-slow tractor-like-things that grate the ice. So, instead of sliding on flat ice, you get to bounce when you slide. Way. Too. Fun.

         Un-plowed roads:


    So far, no one's died and by this past Saturday, parts of some roads are clear. Until it snows (or rains) again.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Moose Pics & Funny Friday

       It's Monday. For most of you, I imagine that it's a slightly windy, fall day. Your jeans are on. Leave are blowing around. Your travel mug is filled with your fav caffeine-induced hot liquid. Squirrels are running up trees. And your high heel just stepped in dog doo...and you just spilled your hot beverage all over your new sweater in the confusion. A perfect fall morning, right??
       Well we live in Alaska now and the first snowfall just hit this weekend. We actually got a double-whammy when it snowed again yesterday. Blanketing our town with a few layers of the white stuff. Snow. pure white snow that is everywhere.
        See, we moved to AK from the magical land of Colorado, where the snow was "here today, gone tomorrow". But now it's "here today, here to stay". And people seem to freak out about this. Well, maybe not freak-out-freak-out, but enough to where you gotta wonder how bad it can be to have snow permanently on the ground for a few months. Oh, it doesn't help that the sun rises at 8am and sets around 4pm or so.
       But this morning I woke up feeling like we live in a magical winter wonderland. For now. And maybe the moose we saw yesterday will grace us with their presence again. Or not. I'm not too sure what kind of habitat moose live in, besides the forest. Do they find caves? Do they build nests? Or do they just plop down wherever they feel like it? (Two of them plopped down in our yard yesterday. While it was snowing. Just because they felt like it. They didn't spend the night, though.)
      So in case you missed them on my page, here are some pics of the Momma moose & her offspring:

      In these first two photo they are chomping on our neighbor's pumpkins that were left out on the porch:

    Momma Moose

             Little Moose

   Dancin' Moose

   Also, for those of you who've been paying attention, I recently started a "Funny Friday" shindig on the Facebook Fan Page.
      What it is: Each Friday I do my best (okay. WHEN I remember) to share funny pictures & whatnot to help you get through the end of the week. Typically the humor is running/fitness, coffee and parenthood related. I just may throw some crochet/knit humor in there too. You never know!
      How you can help: FB is a bit wonky when it comes to fan page posts. The more a post gets liked & shared, the more people see it. So if you like one of the funny Friday pics and want more fans to see it, just click the "like" button, or share the pic on your page (and help your friends get through their Friday too!)
       Get involved: Last week I kicked off a new program-share *your* funny photos during the week, and you just may see them on the next Funny Friday!!!
           *Randomness Abounds*

Monday, November 4, 2013

Conversations With a Two-Year-Old

      It's Monday...but this is Tattler Thursday worthy...but it's Monday. So, Enjoy ;)
     This post is about the 2yo. And how he can now's a trip...
     Ever try to talk to a two-year old? For the most part, it's like playing a game of pictionary or charades. "Sounds like....." is constantly running through my head. Then once you finally get the correct answer, you have to switch gears and try to *remember* what the original phrase sounded like so you can associate with that word/term again.
      The strangest one I've encountered so far happened last week on our walk home from walking the other kiddos to school. Boo said something along the lines of "quah-wide". I tried "the light", "flashlight", "go inside" and a myriad of other phonetic combinations. In a last-ditch effort, I uttered "roll tide" and received the much anticipated "yes" with head nod.
       Now this kid has no idea what football is (it is for football, right??) or even Alabama. He can't read, so he hasn't seen it on Facebook like me. He's not in pre-school or daycare yet so he hasn't heard it from his friends. He doesn't even know what the phrase means. But according to him, it was what he meant that morning.

      Apparently he also thinks he's a backseat driver. We dropped the kids off at school one day with the vehicle so we could take him to the doctor's. (Kid needed immunization shots. That's the next convo). After the kiddos piled out of the vehicle and shut the doors, Malachi said (from the 2nd row) "Go! Go! Go!" like it was a race & I was stopped (which I was.) The kid is two and already a backseat driver.
        After that we made it to the doctor's. This was his first doctor's visit in Alaska, and he's also been exposed to Doc McStuffins, so the waiting room and preliminary doctor stuff went well. Then came the shots. Now mind you, I (maybe somewhat cheerily?) informed him that shots were going to happen. Because they were. And they did. And the poor kid cried for 2 seconds (seriously. Way shorter than I had anticipated). Later I had asked him if he survived his shots. He said, "No, Mommy. It hurted." Then I asked him if he wanted to get more shots. He seemed to hesitate before he said, "No, Mommy. Hurted." Poor kid. He'll survive.
    Here's an adorable pic to round up this post:

           He was Cubby from Jake & the Neverland Pirates. Only, when you asked him if he was going to be Cubby, he would say "No." So one day I asked him what he wanted to be instead. He said, "David" (our friend's 4yo). So we made him dress up as Cubby anyways. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

International Delight Creamer #Coupon #Giveaway

    Love some creamer in your coffee?? I sure do! On of my fav brads is International Delight-they are readily available at Walmart and their flavor combinations are delish!
      They have two new flavors for fall- Vanilla Heat & Pumpkin PIE Spice. I LOVE Pumpkin anything, and I can wolf down a whole pumpkin pie by myself in seconds. That being said, I was super-excited to find it in sugar free. SUGAR FREE!!! Yum to the "o". The Vanilla Heat is suprisingly refreshing blend of vanilla and....a pepper...or something. It does wonders for your sinuses in the a.m!

   Thanks to BzzAgent, I will be giving away 3 (count them: THREE) $1 off coupons. That means 3 winners will receive (in the mail. from me.) 1 $1 off International Delight Creamer coupon. 3 winners. Here's the Rafflecopter. I do my best to validify winning entries! Thanks for entering!!!

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