Friday, August 12, 2011

...And You Are??

   So, I see people when I run.  No, they're not imaginary or dead.  These are real people.  And I may as well blog about them since they probably go home and blog about that crazy blonde chick who wears a visor and can't run too far.
    Some of these people I see daily, and some only when I'm running late.  Some I've only seen a few times, no matter when I go.
    First, there's the lady who doesn't live around here.  I know this because she drives a pretty blue boxy vehicle and parks it at the bottom of the hill I run up.  She comes to walk her dog.  They're nice.
    Then there's this lady who walks two dogs.  And another lady who doesn't walk her pet.  Then there's Storm and his owner-they're usually out around 7 a.m.  I see them when I'm running late.
   More recently I've encountered a man who does live around here.  I've seen him riding his bicycle around Poncha....and he doesn't wear a shirt (in the summer time anyways).  I've often thought about asking him to put one on.  I've seen him twice now on my morning runs, so I'm thinking he goes for a walk around 7 a.m.  Once he had a dog with him.  He seems a bit odd (not creepy creepy, but creepy).  The only other person I've seen out and about on the trails in the early mornings was this elderly gentleman running on the morning that I saw the cows.  And I warned him of them. (And yes, he did look @ me like I was silly....)
    I never know who I'm going to see when I go for a run. I just hope it's not a bear or mountain lion ;-o

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