Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Hot, Steamy Love Affair

    Yes. I did have a hot, steamy love affair. (I know, scandalous, isn't it??) However, since we moved out to CO, I haven't been able to continue it due to the distance. That's right. You know what I'm talking about (don't pretend you don't know!) If you've ever been to the east coast (specifically the DE, PA, NJ area) you're familiar with the taste of... Wawa.

       The other day I stopped myself from writing on the Wawa FaceBook fan page: "I miss you. I can't wait until we can be together again. I hope you think of me as much as I do you."
        Wawa is a wonderful brand of convenience stores that also markets their own coffee, dairy and food products. Some sell gasoline too, but I can't really comment on that since I've never voluntarily ingested it.
         Every weekend morning (when I lived at home), my dad would bring my mom and I coffee from this wonderful place (I...um....started drinking cappachinos at age 11....). On my way to school in the morning, I would stop by. After work, on my way back to school in the evenings (college days, anyone??) I would revisit. Wawa has seen me through many phases in my life. Coffee from other chains never quite measured up.
        My fav product of theirs is these plastic, microwaveable coffee mugs that last forever. Great quality for a low price!!! I have 3, but sometimes I feel like I need more ;p
        Whenever we make a trip to the east coast, Wawa is a required stop. Even though they now sell their own ground coffee (in store and online), I'm not sure that it will measure up to the fresh java they make in-store, but the way coffee prices are rising, I just might have to stock up on it on our next visit!

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