Monday, August 27, 2012

To Laugh? Or Cry?

    I have had no experience with a public school whatsoever. Until this year. Last Tuesday we send Josiah off to Kindergarten (Monday was the meet&greet for the kids & teachers). Full-day. From 8-3:50. Hubby drove him in, showed him what his morning routine would be (after this, it's the bus to and from school!), took some pics, and left. He just left him at school. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. As excited for him as we all were, I knew I would miss him too. He's never been away from me all-day. Well, all the necessary paperwork was filled out so he could get breakfast, lunches, and ride the bus. Armed with a water bottle and morning snack (which I had to chase JR down after he left-he called me on the phone, I explained the crisis, grabbed an apple, ran across our parking lot & up the road to meet him {then I had to run back to the house so my younger two wouldn't think I just abandoned them}). Josiah's day was going to be great. It had to be. Kindergarten is fun, right??

                    Josiah getting ready to leave!

     That morning I wasn't sure if I should be sad that he's growing up and moving on, or scared that his IEP plan wouldn't be implemented, no one would understand him, and he would come home crying. During the meet & greet Monday, I was all prepared to explain to the teacher about Josiah's Sensory Processing Disorder & speech delay. But I didn't. Turns out, his teacher was the one at his IEP meeting (when IEP {individualized education plan} meetings are discussed, and your child doesn't have a teacher yet, one representative from the grade level is there. This was the teacher represented)! I was soooooo excited! Because of this, she knew more about Josiah than I was expecting! So far, so good!
      As the day rolled along, I kept worrying about how Josiah would handle the day. New routines, new expectations. I did notice that some of his friends from HeadStart were in his class, so that meant fewer new people for him to meet. My friend assured me that he would be fine, and everything would be fine.
      I held in my panic until later in the day when the same friend called and let me know that he kids weren't riding the bus all the way home. They were getting picked up at the middle school stop (small town=approx 400 kids in the elementary school; buses carried kids from elementary, middle and high school {all within a five-mile radius}). This worried me because that meant her kids wouldn't be on the bus to tell Josiah to get off (he is slightly obsessed with anything that "goes", and one of my fears is him not getting off the bus because he loves them so much).
       However, this all turned out to be moot point, because Josiah wasn't even on the bus! (Am I supposed to laugh or cry?? Since this kind of stuff usually happens to us, I wanted to laugh. However, he was lost, so I wanted to cry!) When my friend's kids got off at the middle school, they told "Mr. Mike" and things went downhill from there. Where was Josiah??? I called the number on the bus application and got a voice mail (it said to call if there were any problems or concerns. I did. No one answered. How does this help me??). Not knowing where your child is?? A parent's worst nightmare! Thankfully, it's a small town, and later I found out that they stopped all the buses that were coming to the middle school to find Josiah. He did make it on a bus, just not the right one. He changed buses and came home unfazed. He was soooooooo excited that he got to ride a bus!!! I'm not sure what all happened after that fiasco, but when he came home, he knew the number of the bus he is supposed to ride.
  At least he was safe and sound....for another day.....

                         Josiah at school!

                         On the Kindergarten play ground!

                        Lining up!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I Wish I Knew....About Gardening...

  This year I partook in the Poncha Springs Community garden. A friend and I. No prior experience. If it weren't for the friendly gardeners in Poncha, some of our produce would have already "gone to seed"! (that's gardener talk for "dead" or "die") Anyways, we've learned a lot.
            1. If you go on vaca, when you return your garden will look like a jungle!
            2. Vine plants, like watermelon & pumpkins, take over the whole plot (the lettuce barely had a chance!).
            3. Plant beans/peas with aforementioned vine plants-not helpless stable ones.
            4. Bees.
            5. Plan your garden out (don't randomly plant things, forget where they are, and just sprinkle seeds around).
            6. Label your rows (or else you'll end up with a bunch of unidentifiable green things. Is that spinach? I don't know-did we plant spinach??).
            7. The flowers on plants are what turn into the produce. Don't pick. (except potatoes-there's no way potatoes grow from those tiny flowers)
            8. High water pressure can damage plants (not my fault the newly installed town water system didn't come with instructions!).
            9. Corn seeds from the store grow tall like the corn by the side of the highway....
            10. Vine plants are prickly. Very prickly.

 Here's some pics of Steve being attacked by the vine plants...they wrap their little tendrils on anything they come in contact with...

                         his tomato cage....


Corn amidst tomato plants and wax bean plants...

Potatoes....well, they're still underground....

                      Those bright green leaves? That's lettuce...good stuff ;)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BlondieChell's First Give-Away!!!

   Ever wondered what it would be like to be BlondieChell for a day?? Well, now you have a chance to find out! I am participating in my first-ever giveaway!!!
    My good friend Liz, over at Playin' Hooky Designs is sponsoring a *Massive* give-away!!! She makes awesome hats and "flying discs" out of yarn!!! I have an awesome two-toned purple Ridgeline Beanie from her shop, and a few mini flying discs (I'm going to stock up on more, because they're super fun & safe to throw in the house! Sssshhhhhh!!! Don't tell hubby!!!). I love her stuff so much, I'm gonna get a Slouchy Ridgeline Beanie from her for my winter running!
    To enter this awesome giveaway, all you have to do is: 1. "Like" Playin' Hooky Designs on FaceBook, 2. Fill out the RaffleCopter form by liking all the pages of the prizes u want! There's a prize album on her FB page showcasing the prizes!!! If you're already a fan of La Vida de BlondieChell that's okay! Just click the green "like" button on the RaffleCopter!
                 Here's what you can win from me!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Adventures of BlondieChell and Batman: Photo-Bombing

   When you go to the mall with family and friends, what do you do?? I'm sure some of you walk around, shop, eat...people watch... Not us...we photo-bomb.  Not the kind where you purposefully jump into someone else's frame, but the kind where you randomly dress up & take pics. And run.

    A few years back, my bro and I started a trend...then our significant others joined in...and it just keeps getting crazier... For some reason, we started taking pics of us wearing hats in the men's section of H&M....why? Yeah, ::insert laugh:: like we know....

    I guess what plays into the random factor is the fact that we only see my family every-so-often, so we do what we can to make it memorable. This year, we (okay, me) pre-planned to wear masks and capes...inside H&M... (note-this all happened right before the Aurora tradgedy, so no judgement, k??) and take pics of it...
     My bro & I were completely sold on this idea....but, no one else, we went to H&M...and took out usual group shot...then Rob & I whipped out our masks & capes for a quick photo-op. Obviously, I was BlondieChell (read about the beginning here), and Rob (who favors super heroes & other nerdy things) brought his Batman cape & mask (this was also the same night as a premier of a Batman movie-again, a few hours before the Aurora tragedy).
                                          In H&M

The only premise behind this is to be goofy. Laugh. Make others laugh (or question what planet we came from). We left the store dressed as our "normal" selves and remained in the food court till closing time. Then, we donned our masks and capes and "fled" from the mall (high heels & all!) can see the video here.

                                             Outside of the mall

Monday, August 6, 2012

How Far Can You Go??

   *Disclaimer: Some of you may find this post gross or disgusting. If you have a weak stomach, it is advised that you leave now. *Randomness Abounds*
      Yesterday at church I saw the cutest (or grossest) thing.  There was a one-year-old in the row in front of us, and she stuck her finger up her nose. Now, I've seen kids stick their fingers up their nose plenty of times, but this kid' finger seemed to go ALL THE WAY up.  I'm talking so far up, I thought she was going to touch her brain.  I was watching.
       I have recently invented the theory that God created everyone's fingers and nostrils in proportion so that no one is NOT able to stick their finger up their nose. Try it. Bet your finger fits. Now, ask some huge, gigantic dude. See? His finger fits too (up his nose, not yours).  Fitting your finger up your nose can be a good thing, especially if you're the kind of person that tends to get items stuck up there...or if a bug flies up there...or if you have to pick some "crusties" so you can breathe...
      So after watching that little girl, and wondering HOW IN THE WORLD she shoved her tiny finger so far up her tiny nose, that I decided to try. (surprised??) I used my pinkie since I'm wearing fake nails on eight other fingers.  I stuck my pinkie up my nose, but I could only get my finger as far up as where the nasal passage connects to....something else....all I know is, I felt the edge on the inside of my nostril drop a cliff..then I got scared that I was nearing my brain and I know touching that isn't I stopped. How far can you go???

                                        Here's a pic of me:

                                   Look! The kids can do it too!

                                 And even hubby joined in!!!