Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Things You May Not Know About Running At 5:30am

 Today I'm sharing 5 Things You May Not Know About Running At 5:30am but I do...because I run that early...

1. Sprinklers. Sprinklers turn on this early...and if you haven't heard one before, it might scare the crap out of you when it first turn on-there's this faint clicking sound...then a hissing as it pops up out of the ground and starts viciously assaulting the sleeping grass.

2. You are not alone. Even if you think you are. There always seems to be someone else (at least in the summer time) with the same crazy exercise commitments/notions.

3. Not everyone knows trail etiquette: If you're passing someone, politely let them know you are there! Stay to the right on trails so people can pass  you by on the left...ect...

4. Moose. I haven't seen any at this time yet...but I know they're there...lurking....

5. Gorgeous. Photo ops. Most of the time.

     Have a great week!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

#FitKids Ain't Easy

     Keeping kids active isn’t always easy. It takes time and sometimes planning….and sometimes just a crazy idea. I try to take the kiddos on a run a few times a week, but now that it’s summer and my work schedule is changing, it hasn’t been easy.

     One of the things I keep in mind is J. He's on the Autism Spectrum and capable of waking early (I don’t know how he does it, but he can wake himself up at 4am for a 5:30 run….every time….) and run 3 miles or so at a decent pace.  This kid needs to get some gross motor time in everyday, or his behavior tends to run a muck. 
     We do random things like running on a local trail, hitting the park, practicing cartwheels and roller skating! (We haven't bought bikes yet!) I don't force the kiddos to participate (unless I'm the only adult home-then everyone has to go) and we take things at their pace. I even hang back with the slowest runners! If we have a hard time fitting activities in when I get home, I do something fun on the weekends-we like to long runs to a park or go roller skating at the outdoor rink by their school.
    One day while skating at the outdoor rink, we found some sticks and an empty iced tea bottle. Viola! Instant hockey teams! (There's a resident goal net that seems to live there...) The kiddos had fun playing hockey...and chasing each other with sticks....and a fight even broke out! Maybe hockey's in their blood!

                                       My Team:

    A few times week, we'll run to a park close to the house (and after playing, run back!). The other day, we had a huge group of 6 of the kiddos plus me & the Hubs (he's a recent running convert!). After a while, Hubs decided it would be a good idea to roll down the hill....then the kiddos & I were telling him about a ginormous hill at a park near the kiddos we all decided to run to that park to roll down the hill! And of course we still had to run home afterwards. Needless to day, everyone slept wonderfully that night! we are, just tumbling down a ginormous hill...yep, that's me-the longest one out there....

Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Father's Day 2014 Memory

      Well, this week's plan was to post something sentimental, yet comical about things my Dad has said/taught me. Howev, the Hubs and I decided (cuz he's  a big fan, ya know...and unofficial semi-editor-in-chiefish) that I'd tell ya about our Father's Day trip. Because it's funny...which makes it memorable....
       In order to appreciate the situation, I shall fill you in our day: We left the house a little before noon to travel almost an hour for what turned out to be a ghetto car show (10 classic cars. A bunch of old people. Free {rubbery} food).
       We tried to salvage the disappointment by browsing a few shops (you know-Sears...Walmart...the non-fancy kind) before heading back towards home. Since it was nearing dinner time, I suggested we stop at "that-thar-new-fancy-restaurant".
       Since it was new, it was packed....and apparently came with a 2-hour wait time! So instead of napping in the car, or browsing more shops, Hubs (Father's Day. He gets to call the shots!) insisted we go for a run/walk on the nearby trail (the *one time* I didn't have any running gear except my Vibram Five Fingers....). So we went. After three-quarters of a mile, we headed back.....down a ginormous hill...Hubs was carrying the sleep-deprived three-year-old (3yo) who's chubby legs forgot how to move. And our blonder-than-most daughter was walking in front of him.
       Does anyone else see where this was going?? I sure didn't. After admiring the view, I turned to my right, only to see a dog-pile next to me. Hubs had tripped over the five-year-old (5yo), which caused him to tumble down like Goliath and drop the 3yo, It was not a pretty sight (funny, yes. pretty? no.). They all lost their battle with gravity for a few moments.
      The two littles were scared and confused ("who am I? what am I? where am I?) and the Hubs scraped his knees pretty bad. This poor guy didn't know the meaning of the words "pain", "accident" or "hospital" until he met me! I've sure livened up his life!
        Other than that, they all survived! And I got a good chuckle out of it (afterwards, of course!!!). Here's a pic of us pre-accident:

Hope you had an epic weekend too!

Monday, June 9, 2014

BlondieChell = #FitKids #FitFamily

         You may (or may not have) noticed that I've spend the past few weeks tailoring my content to #fitkids and #fitfamily. Because I've finally found my niche, lol!
     I am a self-described "accidental fitness nut". This is because I'm not a fitness nut on my own. As much as I've loved running, I've seemed to avoid other types (and amounts) of exercise. I mean sure, core workouts are beneficial for runners, but let's face it...who has time for that??
    I've spent the past few months carving out my own fitness time daily, whether it's a few miles in here or just a rest day mile. I've added headstand a few times a week, and since I've learned how to cartwheel, I try to increase that weekly too! This girl has found her niche and is running with it! (har har har.)
    Really, I blame the kiddos. It seems like at all times, at least one of the 7 is begging to go outside and do something. I've learned how to ice skate, cartwheel and hula hoop in the past 6 months because of them! They really do have me on the go! (I feel like the designated fitness coach in this family!)
    We've done 5K's together, and when we run home from the park, we make sure to balance on the short wooden fence/barrier. We roller skate, jump of swings and even hula hoop! (In fact-we went to a free event/festival this weekend downtown, and in the kid's area they had a "hula hoop garden". The poor things were laying on the ground all lonely-like until we took them for a spin! Pretty sure they didn't see much action after we left!)

     So (for now) #fitkids and #fitfamily makes sense. Maybe (if we're all lucky!!) there'll be some posts about healthy eating habits too! (as soon as they start making chocolate-covered spinach leaves!!!)

Monday, June 2, 2014

BlondieChell Talks Depression

    Let's talk depression. Sure, this isn't an emo blog and I try my best to make it as hysterical as possible, but for me, depression is a reality.
  WHA??? I know! I exercise, I *try* to eat healthy, and now that it's summer here in AK, getting plenty of sunshine. And I still find myself falling down a dark hole on some days. Like the other day...when it had been rainy (not sunny) all week (silly girl kept thinking Mr. Sunshine would come out!) and I didn't take any vitamin D supplements...and added in some hormones...
    Blended all together, that made quite the disastrous recipe.. It happened sort of slow-getting sad about this, irrationally thinking about that....and next thing I know, I was crying in my car. Because it sometimes it. And so does Black Cohosh.
     That's right folks, not only am I a self-diagnoser, I also self-medicate! See, I've discovered that Black Cohosh helps level out my mood swings (not to mention cramping) during my "mmhhmmm", so I just take some to help balance my hormones & whatnot when I begin the trek down the rabbit hole. And make sure I add exercise! And humor! I believe that Laughter is one of the best medicines and I try to get my daily dose!
     So yes, while exercise, Vitamin D and the right foods can help with depression, it still lingers and pops out for a visit every now and then. So if you're in the same boat, I just want to let you know you're not doing anything wrong, it just doesn't seem to understand social cues...