Monday, September 24, 2012

I've Created A Monster..

       Our family has a few "rituals" that we do when we tuck the kids into bed. This includes a series of kiss-nuzzle-hugs that the older two understand. Malachi hears the word "hug" or "nuzzle" or "kiss" and goes in for a kiss (it's cute, but I like my nuzzles & hugs too). Yesterday I decided to play with him by naming different actions, executing them, then repeating the action to see what he would do. Apparently the "head bonk" was his fav.
        It has come to my realization that not all of my children's collective actions can be deemed "normal". That's okay. What's not okay though, is one of them finding humor in something that causes pain. When Daddy came home, I tried the "head bonk" again to see if Malachi remembered it. He did. However, he enjoyed it so much that he insisted on continuing to do it. Again. And again. Needless to say, Tylenol was my best friend last night.
          Have you ever had the full weight of a child's head repeatedly bash you in your forehead? And it didn't matter if I wasn't looking-the head bonk came anyways. Poor kid-Mommy teaches him something, he learns it, then Mommy tells him to stop.....I mean, I don't mind one head bonk here and there (sometimes I have the urge to randomly head-butt hubby), but more than two in a row can become painful...I just couldn't believe that it didn't seem to hurt him! And seriously, this kid's head is big for his age-if you stuck him in a room with 10 little boys his age, his head would be the biggest. And apparently hardest....
         Don't laugh. When's the last time you tried something that failed miserably? (Although, I guess I really succeeded because he not only remembered the action, but he could continuously execute it). I'm just hoping this knowledge leaves his head when he wakes up.........

                           See??? Big.....

Monday, September 17, 2012

To My Fellow Runners & Cyclists...

Dear Fellow Runners & Cyclists,
       While I appreciate the courtesy you lend by shouting "ON YOUR LEFT!" (or vise-versa), I would like to make you aware of a few things...
        First, when one is running (without media plugged into their ears), their ears are usually filled with the sounds of nature, their feet pounding the ground....and cray-loud echoes of air being inhaled and exhaled. The last thing a runner is thinking about is "Oh, wait-is there someone trying to pass me?"
        Next on my short agenda is the fact that when you sneak up behind someone only to yell in their ear as you pass by, you scare them. This behavior paralyzes the runner to the point of short-term amnesia. "Which side's my left?", "Oh, no! Bushes!", "Wait...what??" As you can imagine, this can only lead to the runner (whom you are supposedly trying to help stay safe by letting them know which side you are passing on) being disoriented and possibly injured (did you watch that last person you passed fall off the cliff? No. You didn't. You just breathed a sigh of relief when they moved out of your way).
         The last thing I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that what you are doing (no matter how "polite" it may seem) is just plain rude! When is the last time you were in Wal*Mart and shouted, "On your left!" to the person right in front of you? Exactly....if you wouldn't do it while you are walking, why would you do it when running or cycling? 
            Continue to chew on these facts the next time you're out trolling along and want to pass someone. What's the big deal about just following them? Slow down your pace to keep everyone safe ;)
                         Thank you for your cooperation,
                                  ~BlondieChell (the blonde chick running super-slow)

*Disclaimer: this post is bathed in sarcasm & intended for laughs only. I love my fellow runners & cyclists.
**Right after I wrote this, I almost slid off a mountain due to one of these encounters, thus proving my point, lol

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine In Golden, CO (Part II)

            Saturday we had an exciting time @ A Day Out With Thomas @ the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO!!!! (Okay, we had an exciting time after we actually *got there*-we live 3 hours away and were running waaaaaaay late). The last time the kids & I were on a train was two Novembers ago in Strausburg, PA (Malachi was just couldn't see him yet).  They haven't been on one since because's too expensive 2.we live too far way (Golden is over 3hrs!). This may have been hubby's first train ride *ever* and it was nice & simple. The engine didn't go as fast as the one in Strausburg, but we didn't go for the Thomas days, either.
           We arrived just in time to board (our tickets were for the final boarding time) so we didn't get much time to look around before hand, but there were all kinds of activities and things for the kids to see afterwards, including a petting zoo! I think entrance into the museum (and yard) is free on the  Day Out With Thomas days because we only needed tickets for the train.

   When we boarded (the Thomas engine pulled open cars), there was lively music from Thomas & friends, and the conductor really played up the Thomas act!

  the boys watching things go by....

                                  I thought this one turned out pretty cool....

                                   Josiah loves trains!!!

A Water Tower!

Amber had fun too!

            The kids really enjoyed riding the train (it went around the museum track 3xs). Afterwards, we wandered around checking out which events were still open. Sadly, we missed seeing Sir Topham Hat because we were too late, but we were able to watch a Thomas the Train miniature set go around tracks and small set-up of Sodor. 

watching Thomas & his friends on a miniature track...

Malachi pointing....

pointing to more stuff....

 SO much fun!!!!

                   The petting zoo was still open, so the kids & hubby went inside....

There was a small petting zoo.....

 I took pics from outside while waiting for something epic to happen...

             We let the kids play in a tent that had sooooooo many Thomas & Friends train tables!!! There were wooden track sets, lego ones, and even more set up on tables!!! Afterwards, we checked out the other trains & track at the museum, including the roundhouse with a working turn table!!!!

 Josiah knocking on the roundhouse door

working turn-table

JR says this is a car made into a train...

taking a short-cut under the barriers....

               Later, we headed home.....we had so much fun on our Day Out With Thomas that we can't wait to do this again next year!!!!

*Disclaimer: I was given free tickets for our family to attend this event on Saturday. All opinions are my own. I am receiving no other compensation.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine In Golden, CO (Part I)

     I am soooooo excited about Saturday!! We are getting free tickets to ride Thomas the Train in Golden, Colorado!!! I had no idea there was a Thomas car so close to where we live! I know the Strassburg Railroad in Pennsylvania has one they store (or lend out?), but I had no idea Thomas traveled! (duh, Michelle. If you have trains, why not make a popular one for the kiddos??)
     Thomas the Train is a popular character in our household, and so are his friends. The kids have a wooden train track that they play with, and of course Thomas cars & all (okay, some...and some are another brand...) his friends!!!
    Thomas will be visiting the  Colorado Railroad Museum  in Golden, CO for a Mystery On the Rails Tour!!! We'll get to meet Sir Topham Hatt (controller of the railway)and participate in activities for the whole family including arts and crafts, storytelling, video viewing, petting zoo and live music!!! The kids will be sooooooo excited!!!!
    "When is Thomas coming??" you ask. He will be at the museum the following Saturdays & Sundays in September: 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23. It looks like you can purchase tickets for rides starting at 8:30am and the last one is 4:45pm on these dates. The Colorado Railroad Museum's website has all the details!! If you're planning on going, you have to get your tickets soon! This event fills up fast!!! (Tickets are $18 for ages 2 on up.)
       Join us as we join Thomas on the rails!!!!

*Disclaimer: I have been given free tickets for our family to attend this event on Saturday. All opinions are my own. I am receiving no other compensation.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Amber Almost Didn't Turn 4!

    For those of you who are frequent readers, you are aware that my daughter is blonder than most. (I'm just not sure where she gets it) Last weekend, she had a tea-party sleep-over for a few friends to celebrate. What could be more fun than dressing up and eating cookies, right?? Well, no one got injured or died, so I would say it was a success! The kids woke up, opened Amber's presents, then had toaster strudels for breakfast (yes, sugar, sugar, sugar.....but they were headed home to their parents by now ;)
     We went to church, then took Amber to the toy store to pick out another present (they send birthday coupons!!!). After throwing an incredibly unbelievable tantrum because I wouldn't let her eat her lollipop till after lunch, we left and went to Burger King. I don't know why she chose this place since the last time we were there (just a few weeks ago), she got stuck in the slide/tunnel thing (it's also the only fast-food place within an hour that has a play-place) and started crying. After they had finished their food, Josiah pushed Malachi around in the highchair (highchair + wheels = fun for all!), then he helped Malachi up the steps to the tunnel/slide, which meant one of us (adults) had to go and get him before he got stuck or hurt. We raced. And fought. I won.
      After chasing Malachi around in the tunnel, I hoisted him up to the slide. I went down head first. I do not recommend that. Going down head-first gives you the impression that there are more twists and turns than what really exists. Can we say "dizzy"??
     Later that evening, we had more of Amber's  friends over for cake and icecream. (Someone needs to stop me from decorating cakes. Or give me a lesson. Oh, heeeeeeyyyy....I wonder if there are youtube tutorials...) This did not go as planned because when everyone arrived, Amber was still finishing her dinner (she takes tiny she takes forever to eat). Eventually, it was time for cake. JR lit the candles (fire and sharp objects are not safe in Michelle's hands) and I held it at the table in front of Amber as we all sang. There were about six candles on the cake (five were decorative, then one was the number four) and she proceeded to randomly blow them out. This started out successfully... until her hair caught fire.
        Since my natural reaction is verbal panic, that's what I did. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"   "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" I yelled. This, in turn, caused her to panic. I think I yelled something about fire (did I mention my reaction time is delayed? quick I am not.) and her hair being on fire. I also had more fire (candles still lit) and a huge cake in front of me, so I didn't get up. Though there were other adults witnessing this fiasco, none of them immediately jumped in to help (did I mention I was the only (adult who saw it happen? Sure, others heard crackling and smelled smoke, but I get the memory of flames.....) Later I asked hubby how the fire was extinguished, because I couldn't remember how it was put out. He tells me that when Amber panicked, her hand slapped at her hair, putting it out. Then she had some charred, black hair. Thankfully it hadn't spread too far, so it wasn't that noticeable. Instead of being a nice mommy, (still under the adrenaline influence), I was yelling at her to blow out the rest of her candles while she was crying. Thankfully there were saner adults in the room, one of whom took her & comforted her until she stopped crying (after all her candles were extinguished, of course).
          Talk about exciting! Unfortunately, the designated photographer missed catching a pic of flaming hair, but here's "Before and "After" pics:

                            Here we are lighting the cake:

BEFORE Amber catches fire
    AFTER Amber's been extinguished...note the tears (and baby that appeared afterwards...thankfully *afterwards*

The cake....someone, please stop me from decorating!!!