Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dream Attack

     My dreams are yelling at me. Apparently I've been a very naughty girl, and they're trying to tell me to shape up. For the past few weeks I have been running indoors on my treadmill-it started out just as an innocent-once-a-week-running-to-late-to-go-outside kind of habit, and escalated into a daily thing (fall=colder a.m. runs). I didn't think I was being lazy-I'm able to push myself further on it than when I'm out in the open air.

      Well, I guess my excuses aren't good enough for my body. One night I had a dream (it could have been too that I was looking at a photo of someone who had just run an ultra-marathon in under 5 hours and I wondered "How in the world could someone do that at that kind of speed? I can barely push two miles thanks to my wonderful "friend" living in my lungs") that I was running down a hill, and I was running and pumping my arms so fast that I started flying (quick recap- I have dreams of running when I don't run). I actually passed this ultra-marathon winner and flew down this hill.....and then I can't remember what all else happened, but when I woke up, I knew my dreams were yelling at me for running inside these past few weeks instead of outdoors where I can think and breathe fresh air.....
       Well, time to make my dreams happy... I'm going out for a run....(in the dark....in the cold...)

Monday, October 24, 2011

*Stuff Happens*

   Stuff just happens to me.  It does.  No one knows why, but after a lifetime of accepting it, I've come to the conclusion that God allows the near impossible to happen to me so that people can see that "that" is actually possible! (Seriously, I think it has nothing to do with the hair...)
    For example, I have a touch-screen full-keyboard slide cellular phone.  I'm sure that NO ONE thought it was possible for someone to pinch their hand in it.  Well, I did.  I got my palm stuck in it one day after I texted a friend.  Thankfully, she was in the same house as me and was able to help me free myself.  (I'm telling ya, this stuff just happens!)
     The same day that the cell phone incident happened, I was getting groceries out of the back of my van.  This wonderful machine has a "back hatch" (I call it a trunk-it stores stuff and is located in the back of the vehicle. It's a trunk) that lifts up by itself.  Well, I had just finished a large shopping trip, and I knew that some of the items were trying to help me out by launching themselves out of the trunk, so I squatted down in preparation for catching said items.  While I was squatting with one arm extended, I squeezed the lever that releases the hatch (sometimes I just call it a "lid"....just sayin'...) and as I leaned in towards the trunk, I realized that I should've been leaning AWAY from it as the lid quickly ascended, almost knocking my head off.  Thankfully the calamity was averted (I tell ya, these poor, unsuspecting guardian angels....) and my head remained intact.
     My last tale for this session happened just the other day while i was in the wonderful land of Walmart checking out.  (Many of you may not know, but three cashiers, a CSM and I discovered that apparently there is just the skinniest of cracks between where the checkout stand ends and the baggage carousel begins).  As I handed the cashier a check, it flew out of my hands, into the air and swooshed into this hiding spot.  After looking on both sides of the register for it (we didn't see it disappear), we discovered it laying flat at the bottom of this little crevice.  After holding up the line for what seemed like forever (and trying various means of extrication), a CSM came over with a wire hanger and was able to push it out.  I am telling you, this stuff just happens....
    So, if you ever find yourself saying "that could never happen" or "wow! that seems impossible!" just remember: it probably isn't.....

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

*25 Years*

  Alot can happen in 25 years.  In fact, 25 years is a lifetime (for me at least).  Lets see....in the last 25 five years, I have:
                      *broken the same wrist twice (sprained it once),
                      *gotten hit by a car,
                      *got married,
                      *hatched 3 kids (one on a toilet, no less!),
                      *gained 190lbs (lost all but 7 of it!),
                      *cut my hair numerous time (by myself),
                      *performed in myriads of plays & concerts,
                      * help my hubby start a church (and close it),
                      *moved half-way across the country,
                     and have visited a South American country.
       If I were to list all of the injuries (that I can remember) that I have sustained in the past 25 years, it would probably take you three days to read the list.  My hospital visits list would be much shorter, so that would probably only take you a day to read ;)
       The big *25* is a quarter of a century....I have 75 more years to go till I turn 100 (if I can stay alive for that long, lol).  I dreaded turning this year because it means I'm just that much closer to being 30 (which, at this time in my life, I consider "old" and I tease my husband because he is turning the big 3-0 this year).
       I have spent a good number of years being involved in teaching and caring for children under the age of 5.  Right now I help my friend babysit during the week.  I run in the mornings and do Pilates (right now it's to get the rest of my gained weight off, but afterwards, it will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle). 
     Kids take up the majority of my time these days, but I don't think I would want it any other way. I love taking care of kids and seeing them grow (especially babies)!.  Thursday nights are dedicated to the community choir ensemble called the Noteables.  My friend & I just started a nursing home ministry where we take our kids (and the ones we watch) and read Bible stories & sing to the people at the local nursing home.
     Yesterday I enjoyed a leisurely morning, sleeping in till 8 a.m. (when you wake up at 4:45, that is sleeping in), followed by a nice run, then a walk to my friend's house where the kids we babysit gave me hand-made cards, then I got showered & dressed (skipped the Pilates), and then we went to Arby's! (yes, the nearest one is an hour & a half away).  Afterwards we browsed in some stores and then went home.  After the kids went ot bed, we watched episodes of Psych (one of my favs!) by candlelight with carmel-covered popcorn!  It was the best birthday I've had since the first one JR & I celebrated when we first started dating.  I'm blessed with a great family & wonderful friends!!! 

Rainbows and Promises....

   The other day I looked out the front of my friend's house and was greeted by the awesome sight of a huge double-rainbow.  As I gazed at the beautiful colors, I thought of how pretty it was.....and then I remembered my rainbow-chasing attempt a few Saturdays ago, and my world came crashing down.
    That rain bow no longer stood as a sign of promise and hope to me.  Instead, all I could see was empty promises and disillusionment.  I think I was even more disappointed after seeing the double rainbow than I was the day I tried to chase one.
    Well, God pays attention to our thoughts (and blog postings) and instead of chiding me, He decided to send me a birthday rainbow!  I stared at the sight on our way through the valley and I came to the conclusion that rainbows aren't signs of empty or broken promises.  They're not symbols of disillusionment or abandonment.  The reason you can never find the end of a rainbow is because they start and end in God's hands.  His hands hold the world, and His hands hold promises.  Without God, there would be no rainbows.
                                                              double rainbow
                                                       my BDay rainbow...(it looks kinda faint...)

St. Elmo 2011

      Every year we take a trek up Mount Princeton to the tiny ghost town of St. Elmo. Aside from the beautiful fall foliage, another of their famous attractions is the chipmunks. You sit on this pile of old logs and these little guys just run all over you looking for food. The general store sells "chipmunk feed" for a small price (I think it's just unsalted sunflower seeds) and you sit there with some in your hand or on your shoulder or wherever & the creatures just scamper around and tear apart the hulls to get to the seed. It all happens so fast-one moment you have a chipmunk on your arm, the next he's gone!

    Something interesting seems to happen each year. One year it snowed, so we didn't see too many chipmunks. Another year, Josiah got so excited that he was jumping all around and....he stepped on one's tail.... The poor little guy! The squeak sound he made was sooooo pitiful, it made you wanna cry....
     This year we had two interesting things happen: 1. squirrels became brave enough to eat out of our hands (I DO NOT recommend this-usually there are squirrels hanging around, but they've never gotten close enough to eat out of our hands), 2. I had two chipmunks poop on me (it could've been the same one twice...who knows?? they all sorta look the same). For some reason, hubby didn't find the chipmunk poo as disturbing as I did....but that may be because it wasn't on him....
                                                           Amber feeding the squirrel
                                                      chipmink poo...you know you were curious....