Monday, August 29, 2011

Amber Turns 3!!!

   So, our little girl just celebrated her 3rd birthday last Friday.  We had two wonderful years with her...and then she turned 2.  This last year started with a potty-training roller coaster that finally stopped in February.  When I had pneumonia from Jan-Feb, she had to step it up and use the potty all by herself because I couldn't pull myself off the couch to help.  After months of pooping in her underwear, something snapped and she started pooping on the potty like most people do. 
   Over the summer we sent her to daycare once a week at the place where she would be attending preschool.  She started preschool about a week ago and seems to enjoy it.  She gets to go three times a week with her friends.
    For the past 2 months while Josiah's been in speech therapy, I've taken her to the Salida trail so she can practice riding her tricycle.  She's really getting the hang of using the pedals and *maybe* by next summer she'll be ready for a bike with training wheels (and 5 years after that, we just might take the training wheels off)
    So even though she just turned 3, we can already tell that she'll be a true blonde-as ditzy & clutzy as they come.  She never watches where she is going and ends up walking into everything.  The day before her birthday, she jumped off a bed and hit her face on the metal frame, giving herself a nice bruise on her cheek.  It looked like she had a black eye. 
     She has the toughest time making choices and she absorbs attention, especially from older folks.  She has discovered that her whininess appeals to most everyone's sympathetic side, and she uses this to her advantage.  She has the word "princess" written all over her!!!
    She loves dressing up, putting on make-up and wearing jewelry.  Her daddy's heart is in the palm of her hands.  Maybe one day she'll surprise us all and be the smartest in her class, but until then, we'll keep warning her of the wall she's about to walk into....

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