Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Relatives Of Bambi??

    Ever seen deer jump? I have. I'm not talking about how they run....Some of them actually jump! I see this phenomenon when I go running in the mornings. Instead of running away, the deer jump away-kind of like they're wind-up toys with springs.

     There's at least one family of deer that live in the development I run in. I saw the lot of them watching me one morning as I was walking up an incline on my way back home. They watched me as I watched them (I was kind of afraid that the two bucks would come charging at me) and jumped away as I neared. They seem to be a pretty skittish lot. I'm not sure if deer ever take the aggressive advantage, or if they always run.
     I think they assigned one to "tattle-tale duty"-at least that's how I feel when she spots me, then runs off to inform the others of my approach. I have noticed that the deer don't jump on pavement-only in the meadow area. The grass and soft ground probably give them the spring they need to keep bouncing away, limbs together.
    They seem friendly enough, but for now I keep my distance (well, my bright orange running jacket probably scares them off, too). Maybe one day I will start giving them names-my problem is, they all look the same to me....

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