Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Boo Just Turned Two!

    Our big thing this past weekend was celebrating Malachi's 2nd BDay. He gets a lot of attention because of his accidental birth story. I'm not going to regale you with that right now, but you can check it out here & here. (I don't think women {yes, women, because I'm not sure if a man could ever truly appreciate a birth story} can really appreciate a birth story unless they've experienced a birth {as a participant, or midwife}). Anyways, regarding that crazy tale, my "midwife" is training now to be an EMT. It's evident that this kind of stuff does not faze him (can't say the same thing for his poor teenage employee who watched the whole thing in shock).
     Additionally, I've seen the EMT's that arrived here & there in town and at local events where they allow kids to look inside emergency vehicles. What I discovered a week ago was that the one guy who had told me that he saved the scalpel for us (he told me this shortly after Malachi was born, so I saved a spot in his baby book....and waited....and waited....and he knew where my friends lived, obviously & every time I saw him, he'd say that he would get it to me) had been attending our couples Bible Study for the past 13 weeks or so. Yeah. I really put 2 & 2 together with that one. See, last Sunday he showed up in uniform w/another EMT for the church service. I elbowed my bestie & asked if that was the "other" EMT (you know, the one who wasn't in my picture?) who was there 2 years ago. She was like, "Yeah. And he's been in our couples Bible study." Oops. Powers of observation had eluded me. Anyway, we saw him again yesterday, I talked with him & should be getting Malachi's scalpel soon ;) He placed it in a ziploc on his desk & it's just been getting buried these past two years. Hopefully we'll see it soon!
       That being said, we celebrated his 2nd BDay with cupcakes & icecream! I enjoy attempting to be creative in the kitchen. I used to think it was my special little niche, but I was sorely mislead. As you know, the kitchen & I have this "on again, off again" relationship. For Malachi's BDay cupcakes it was in "on again" mode. I had googled "cookie monster cupcakes" and found a ton of images which inspired my design. Recently I used Cookie Crisp cereal for "minature cookies" for this Easter treat, so I decided that they would look fantastic for my Cookie Monster cupcakes ;)  During my shopping excursion for these cupcakes, I found candy eyes & black licorice-type stuff on clearance for $1!!! Also, Duncan Hines just came out with colored icings, so I didn't have to mix in any blue dyes!  All I had to do was bake the cupcakes, pipe the icing on, then place the eyes, black lines for a mouth & cookies in!!! Here's some pics!!! Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

First Creeper of the Year Awards!

     Thanks to my wonderful friend Ashley, La Vida de BlondieChell will host an annual "Creeper of the Year" award.
      To enter, please email me or FB message me your "Creeper of the Year" story. What is a Creeper of the Year? We won't know until we vote on the best (or would it be worst??) Creeper story! In favor of not judging others, you are only allowed to share a story that entitles you or a close friend as a Creeper. Why? Because, deep down, we all have a Creeper within.
      Here is my memorable Creeper of the Year story:
      As most of you know, my third child was accidentally born on my friend's toilet. This saga continues as wanna-be-mommy-of-the-year wanted to document photos of important people in this story. This includes the EMT's who arrived 5-10 minutes after Malachi came into the world, cut the umbilical cord & ushered us unto the rolling bed thingie. After inserting IV's and checking our vitals & giving Malachi some oxygen, they whisked us off to the local hospital. Though these men were not there for the birth/delivery, I was grateful for them taking care of us. However, I didn't feel as confident afterwards when they told me that they were calm because I was calm. These are EMT's, right?? Shouldn't they *always* be calm while the persons needing medical attention are freaking out?? Needless to say, it's a good thing I wasn't freaking out (my friends & I agree that I was in a state of shock at the time-my immediate reaction was to text my mom/family/world instead of holding my newborn). The next day, one of the EMT's and his shift partner came to visit us in the hospital. I took their picture. Why? Because crazy hormonal me wanted their photo. After taking it, they informed me that the one guy wasn't the other one from yesterday. Oh, well. (this story branches off here, and today you'll be hearing this side of it)
       That is the background to my creeper story. Pick up a year & a half later, and I find myself convincing Ashley's EMT (that I had just introduced myself to) that I had a pic of him at my house. He was the random EMT in the photo I took. He denied this, but crazy-so-sure-of-myself me assured him otherwise. So, I went home and triumphantly found the pic...that didn't have him in it. And realized that I probably seemed like a crazy stalker fan to him.
       There. That's my creeper story. What's yours???  Email me @ or send me an FB message with your tale! After the entries are received, we'll all vote for the Creeper of the Year! Is it you?? Could you be the next Creeper of the Year?? What will you win besides a title?? (I'm not sure...suggestions??)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Review

Recently, I became a BzzAgent. (Yes, "bzz" as in bumble bee.) My first product to try is the Garnier Recharge hair care system!
        I was kinda "eh, we'll see" when I received this in the mail. My hair (while fantastically blonde) can also be very dry & frizzy. (Our dry climate doesn't help.) I do notice a difference when I color my hair-it's less frizzy, but I don't want to be a brunnette for the rest of my life. My hair also has a "bend" in it when it dries. I'm sure that the intent of the bend is wavy, but it doesn't dry wavy. When dry, it's mostly straight with a bend in the middle. Why? Who knows....
      I've tried moisturizing hair care products before, without much impact. My current regimen consists of shampoo, conditioner, then some topical frizz-free cream after my locks dry, and whenever necessary.
       I am always game to try new hair products that claim to help me manage my blonde locks. I don't think a person should have to add a lot of product to their hair to make it manageable and smooth. A few months ago I recieved a really awesome Pantene product to try-but you're supposed to use it when blow drying. While I love it for that, I don't always have time to blow dry my hair. I want a product that I can use during my shower, or immediately afterwards.
    That's where this Garner Hydra Recharge system comes into use! Besides the moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, there is a 1-minute leave-in treatment. After reading the backs off the labels, I came to the conclusion that the leave-in treatment was to occur in-between shampooing and conditioning. While this made no sense (the leave-in left my hair way softer than after conditioning), it took almost two weeks for Decaf Chell to get the memo. I finally decided to use the treatment after conditioning and experienced better results. My hair has been less frizzy since starting this new regimen, and even more so after I started the 1-minute treatment after conditioning! I find myself rarely using anti-frizz leave-in creams post shower!
      While I enjoy the Goji-berry-Passion-fruit-Kiwi scent, I find the shampoo a bit disturbing. It's taken some time to get used to the gel-ish feel. I feel like I'm rubbing hand soap into my scalp!

      The conditioner & leave-in are of "normal" consistency. I think the key to this system is the leave-in treatment, so after the shampoo & conditioner run out, I will probably just use my regular stuff, but the treatment is something that will definitely be added as a staple to my shower regimen! I also recommend it for dry/frizzy hair. Currently there are Garnier coupons on, & in Sunday papers, so yay for savings!!!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free because I am a Bzz Agent! (this too is free!)  If you wanna become one too, email me @ All opinions, observations and hair are my own!

Monday, April 8, 2013

You Can't Take Me Anywhere....

            It seems that I am destined to always embarrass myself in church. Yay for making others laugh! The one we attended Easter Sunday was help in a highschool auditorium-brand new stadium-style seats that were spaced way too close together (they spaced them for toddlers and preschoolers-not full-grown adults weighing over 100lbs).
            Soon after the service started, I noticed a slight urge to use the Ladies Room.  I know the desire would only increase as time went on, so I The couple sitting next to us had to place their brand new baby's car seat on the floor at the very end of the row. Having kids myself and working with children makes me appreciate the stillness some find necessary.
         Not wanting to disturb the child (and wanting to display my awesome acrobatics) I lept down to the seats catty-corner to where hubby was sitting and took out my knee on an arm rest. Instead of making a scene, however, I limped away gracefully until I was past the auditorium doors, then allowed the pain to set in. The next day shades of purple and blue were evident on my leg.
         When I returned to the auditorium, I didn't want to make a scene, so I patiently waited outside with this look on my face:

         Why?? Who knows. It could have been the fresh caffeine. Or my rampant insanity. Regaurdless, it caused an usher to ask me if I was okay.  I did my best to explain the situation and she just encouraged me to embarrass myself even more by walking in while everyone was seated. I knew I still had time, however so I "hung out" with her by the open doors and forced my red-faced self to answer her prodding questions. When everyone stood again, I made my entrance the same way I left (stepped on the row in front of hubby, diagonal to him), this time sans injury ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Aprils Fools Day Fails

   You all know I love a good laugh. I'm not much of a practical joker, but I the time I put food coloring & water in a pitcher for hubby so it looked like his "juice" (Koolaid). He noticed something "smelled funny" when there wasn't a strong fruity scent!
     Usually our April Fools Days are kind of lame. Though I'm an awesome actress, I'm not too good with funny ideas for pranks that won't damage property or leave people mad. Usually it's saying I'm pregnant, and I was gonna get someone to pee on a stick (I've heard that men's urine creates a false-positive) but I don't have any. This year, after collaborating with a friend who's family thrives on practical jokes, we created a good one to get the hubby with.
    Then, because I can't leave well enough alone, I researched even more ideas online.
1. Hubby had to make a late night Wal*Mart run Sunday night, so that left me to my own devices. I put yellow food coloring (matching the yellow bristles) and orajel in hubby's toothbrush. I was sleeping on the couch (no, I wasn't in the doghouse-I usually fall asleep there first) when I heard him come down the start s& start rummaging in his tools. It's a good thing I woke up because he was about to pull apart our battery operated toothbrush! The yellow dye had ran all down the brush & he thought the battery exploded! #Fail. Fix: Next time, I shall lay the toothbrush down instead of standing it upright.
2.  Hubby falls asleep sometimes after he shuts his alarm off, leaving me upset (depending on the day). My prank #2 was to set his alarm clock & phone forward two hours, wake him at his normal time, then pretend to be angry with him for oversleeping for so long. This failed because I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed, and the children woke up early, waking him up early. #Oops. Fix: Wake up earlier next time.
3. We all know how powerful FB can be. We discover new information about illnesses, topics, each other, life events, ect. What bothers (?) me is the fact that some people don't seem interested in your personal life unless something "terrible" happens. Like when you change your marital status. Let me preface this by stating that since we joined FaceBook, our marital status has been "it's complicated". Why? Because I'm goofy & marriage IS complicated. For April fools, I change our status to "divorced". I forgot about it, hubby changed it to married, told me about it, and I change it back to "it's complicated". Now, every time someone notices my marital status on FB, they panic, asking me if "everything's alright". Now mind you, some of these people have no FB interactions with me on a regular basis, let alone personal interactions. This year, for some reason, us being "divorced" on FB did't appear in timelines. "Married" and "It's Complicated"  has. And we've been fielding flack ever since. Poor hubby got called over the PDA system at work to talk with his boss. They offered him counseling.  This has now become funny. Well, more like funny to me, not him. #Fail.  Fix: Keep our relationship status the same and stop changing it.

What I actually got the hubby with? I told him I was going for a run, walked over to my friend's house, destroyed my clothes with scissors, homemade blood, dirt & mud and ran home. Then, I collapsed just inside the doorway yelling, "JR!!!! Help!!!!" Hubby leaped from the couch and ran over...only to leave me lying there...Why?? Because he saw my phone on my arm was untouched...but at least he believe I was in trouble for a few seconds ;) My back story is that I got attacked by a mountain lion....and narrowly escaped by hurling a huge rock at it! I know, not too believable, but more escapable than a bear, right??

Hope your pranks went better than mine!

Monday, April 1, 2013

National Autism Day & Utah Chili's

     Hi. My name's Michelle and I'd like to share a story (and promo) about autism with you. Autism is very dear to my heart. Josiah's not autistic, but for a while, we thought he was. Josiah's SPD is found on the autism spectrum, and since SPD is not yet recognized by the educational system, he is labeled with education autism so he can receive the services he needs at school.  I also have a friend who's child is autistic and I contribute to Special Happens.
     I heard about this amazing even on Living With Logan. Apparently there's a post that's been circulating FB about a child with autism and a Utah-based Chili's. The story is heartwarming and will make you cry. Because of this story, on National Autism Day (April 2) the Utah Chili's restaurants will be donating 20% of your purchase to the Autism Council of Utah. The catch is that you need a printed copy (they may just let you show it to them on your electronic device-I don't know) of the email stating this. I have a copy of this email, so if you'd like a copy too,  I don't live in Utah, but I know that thousands of people do, so share this post (and email) !!!! Thanks!!!

Decaf Chell Part 4

        Well, after 6+ weeks of Decaf Chell, Easter morning finally came, ending the saga of Decaf Chell for now. I was so excited that morning that I woke up prior to the 5:30 a.m. alarm I had set! I would say that I raced down the stairs, but that's not true because Pre-Coffee Chell is a bit groggy. And blind.
         After flooding my eyes with contact moisturizer (I have the kind you can sleep in-you know, for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes & puking kids that I can't see unless I'm wearing corrective lenses) I got my coffee on and waited impatiently for the carafe to fill.
          Then I Instagrammed (totally a verb now!) a pic of my heavenly delight (@BlondieChell if you wanna follow!) and started my morning. My future sis-in-law texted me to congratulate me on my reintroduction into the caffeine world & all of a sudden, my humor came flooding back. I know these past few weeks have been a bit lacking for those of you who enjoy my wonderful wit ;)
          I can run now too! (I had to stop for 2 weeks-no motivation at all...) It feels so wonderful to "be back". Everything's brighter, flowers smell fresher and I can actually wake up in the mornings! My house shall now be clean again! And my posts funny!