Monday, April 15, 2013

First Creeper of the Year Awards!

     Thanks to my wonderful friend Ashley, La Vida de BlondieChell will host an annual "Creeper of the Year" award.
      To enter, please email me or FB message me your "Creeper of the Year" story. What is a Creeper of the Year? We won't know until we vote on the best (or would it be worst??) Creeper story! In favor of not judging others, you are only allowed to share a story that entitles you or a close friend as a Creeper. Why? Because, deep down, we all have a Creeper within.
      Here is my memorable Creeper of the Year story:
      As most of you know, my third child was accidentally born on my friend's toilet. This saga continues as wanna-be-mommy-of-the-year wanted to document photos of important people in this story. This includes the EMT's who arrived 5-10 minutes after Malachi came into the world, cut the umbilical cord & ushered us unto the rolling bed thingie. After inserting IV's and checking our vitals & giving Malachi some oxygen, they whisked us off to the local hospital. Though these men were not there for the birth/delivery, I was grateful for them taking care of us. However, I didn't feel as confident afterwards when they told me that they were calm because I was calm. These are EMT's, right?? Shouldn't they *always* be calm while the persons needing medical attention are freaking out?? Needless to say, it's a good thing I wasn't freaking out (my friends & I agree that I was in a state of shock at the time-my immediate reaction was to text my mom/family/world instead of holding my newborn). The next day, one of the EMT's and his shift partner came to visit us in the hospital. I took their picture. Why? Because crazy hormonal me wanted their photo. After taking it, they informed me that the one guy wasn't the other one from yesterday. Oh, well. (this story branches off here, and today you'll be hearing this side of it)
       That is the background to my creeper story. Pick up a year & a half later, and I find myself convincing Ashley's EMT (that I had just introduced myself to) that I had a pic of him at my house. He was the random EMT in the photo I took. He denied this, but crazy-so-sure-of-myself me assured him otherwise. So, I went home and triumphantly found the pic...that didn't have him in it. And realized that I probably seemed like a crazy stalker fan to him.
       There. That's my creeper story. What's yours???  Email me @ or send me an FB message with your tale! After the entries are received, we'll all vote for the Creeper of the Year! Is it you?? Could you be the next Creeper of the Year?? What will you win besides a title?? (I'm not sure...suggestions??)

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