Monday, April 1, 2013

National Autism Day & Utah Chili's

     Hi. My name's Michelle and I'd like to share a story (and promo) about autism with you. Autism is very dear to my heart. Josiah's not autistic, but for a while, we thought he was. Josiah's SPD is found on the autism spectrum, and since SPD is not yet recognized by the educational system, he is labeled with education autism so he can receive the services he needs at school.  I also have a friend who's child is autistic and I contribute to Special Happens.
     I heard about this amazing even on Living With Logan. Apparently there's a post that's been circulating FB about a child with autism and a Utah-based Chili's. The story is heartwarming and will make you cry. Because of this story, on National Autism Day (April 2) the Utah Chili's restaurants will be donating 20% of your purchase to the Autism Council of Utah. The catch is that you need a printed copy (they may just let you show it to them on your electronic device-I don't know) of the email stating this. I have a copy of this email, so if you'd like a copy too,  I don't live in Utah, but I know that thousands of people do, so share this post (and email) !!!! Thanks!!!

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