Monday, April 8, 2013

You Can't Take Me Anywhere....

            It seems that I am destined to always embarrass myself in church. Yay for making others laugh! The one we attended Easter Sunday was help in a highschool auditorium-brand new stadium-style seats that were spaced way too close together (they spaced them for toddlers and preschoolers-not full-grown adults weighing over 100lbs).
            Soon after the service started, I noticed a slight urge to use the Ladies Room.  I know the desire would only increase as time went on, so I The couple sitting next to us had to place their brand new baby's car seat on the floor at the very end of the row. Having kids myself and working with children makes me appreciate the stillness some find necessary.
         Not wanting to disturb the child (and wanting to display my awesome acrobatics) I lept down to the seats catty-corner to where hubby was sitting and took out my knee on an arm rest. Instead of making a scene, however, I limped away gracefully until I was past the auditorium doors, then allowed the pain to set in. The next day shades of purple and blue were evident on my leg.
         When I returned to the auditorium, I didn't want to make a scene, so I patiently waited outside with this look on my face:

         Why?? Who knows. It could have been the fresh caffeine. Or my rampant insanity. Regaurdless, it caused an usher to ask me if I was okay.  I did my best to explain the situation and she just encouraged me to embarrass myself even more by walking in while everyone was seated. I knew I still had time, however so I "hung out" with her by the open doors and forced my red-faced self to answer her prodding questions. When everyone stood again, I made my entrance the same way I left (stepped on the row in front of hubby, diagonal to him), this time sans injury ;)

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