Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Boo Just Turned Two!

    Our big thing this past weekend was celebrating Malachi's 2nd BDay. He gets a lot of attention because of his accidental birth story. I'm not going to regale you with that right now, but you can check it out here & here. (I don't think women {yes, women, because I'm not sure if a man could ever truly appreciate a birth story} can really appreciate a birth story unless they've experienced a birth {as a participant, or midwife}). Anyways, regarding that crazy tale, my "midwife" is training now to be an EMT. It's evident that this kind of stuff does not faze him (can't say the same thing for his poor teenage employee who watched the whole thing in shock).
     Additionally, I've seen the EMT's that arrived here & there in town and at local events where they allow kids to look inside emergency vehicles. What I discovered a week ago was that the one guy who had told me that he saved the scalpel for us (he told me this shortly after Malachi was born, so I saved a spot in his baby book....and waited....and waited....and he knew where my friends lived, obviously & every time I saw him, he'd say that he would get it to me) had been attending our couples Bible Study for the past 13 weeks or so. Yeah. I really put 2 & 2 together with that one. See, last Sunday he showed up in uniform w/another EMT for the church service. I elbowed my bestie & asked if that was the "other" EMT (you know, the one who wasn't in my picture?) who was there 2 years ago. She was like, "Yeah. And he's been in our couples Bible study." Oops. Powers of observation had eluded me. Anyway, we saw him again yesterday, I talked with him & should be getting Malachi's scalpel soon ;) He placed it in a ziploc on his desk & it's just been getting buried these past two years. Hopefully we'll see it soon!
       That being said, we celebrated his 2nd BDay with cupcakes & icecream! I enjoy attempting to be creative in the kitchen. I used to think it was my special little niche, but I was sorely mislead. As you know, the kitchen & I have this "on again, off again" relationship. For Malachi's BDay cupcakes it was in "on again" mode. I had googled "cookie monster cupcakes" and found a ton of images which inspired my design. Recently I used Cookie Crisp cereal for "minature cookies" for this Easter treat, so I decided that they would look fantastic for my Cookie Monster cupcakes ;)  During my shopping excursion for these cupcakes, I found candy eyes & black licorice-type stuff on clearance for $1!!! Also, Duncan Hines just came out with colored icings, so I didn't have to mix in any blue dyes!  All I had to do was bake the cupcakes, pipe the icing on, then place the eyes, black lines for a mouth & cookies in!!! Here's some pics!!! Enjoy!!!

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