Friday, April 5, 2013

Aprils Fools Day Fails

   You all know I love a good laugh. I'm not much of a practical joker, but I the time I put food coloring & water in a pitcher for hubby so it looked like his "juice" (Koolaid). He noticed something "smelled funny" when there wasn't a strong fruity scent!
     Usually our April Fools Days are kind of lame. Though I'm an awesome actress, I'm not too good with funny ideas for pranks that won't damage property or leave people mad. Usually it's saying I'm pregnant, and I was gonna get someone to pee on a stick (I've heard that men's urine creates a false-positive) but I don't have any. This year, after collaborating with a friend who's family thrives on practical jokes, we created a good one to get the hubby with.
    Then, because I can't leave well enough alone, I researched even more ideas online.
1. Hubby had to make a late night Wal*Mart run Sunday night, so that left me to my own devices. I put yellow food coloring (matching the yellow bristles) and orajel in hubby's toothbrush. I was sleeping on the couch (no, I wasn't in the doghouse-I usually fall asleep there first) when I heard him come down the start s& start rummaging in his tools. It's a good thing I woke up because he was about to pull apart our battery operated toothbrush! The yellow dye had ran all down the brush & he thought the battery exploded! #Fail. Fix: Next time, I shall lay the toothbrush down instead of standing it upright.
2.  Hubby falls asleep sometimes after he shuts his alarm off, leaving me upset (depending on the day). My prank #2 was to set his alarm clock & phone forward two hours, wake him at his normal time, then pretend to be angry with him for oversleeping for so long. This failed because I had a hard time dragging myself out of bed, and the children woke up early, waking him up early. #Oops. Fix: Wake up earlier next time.
3. We all know how powerful FB can be. We discover new information about illnesses, topics, each other, life events, ect. What bothers (?) me is the fact that some people don't seem interested in your personal life unless something "terrible" happens. Like when you change your marital status. Let me preface this by stating that since we joined FaceBook, our marital status has been "it's complicated". Why? Because I'm goofy & marriage IS complicated. For April fools, I change our status to "divorced". I forgot about it, hubby changed it to married, told me about it, and I change it back to "it's complicated". Now, every time someone notices my marital status on FB, they panic, asking me if "everything's alright". Now mind you, some of these people have no FB interactions with me on a regular basis, let alone personal interactions. This year, for some reason, us being "divorced" on FB did't appear in timelines. "Married" and "It's Complicated"  has. And we've been fielding flack ever since. Poor hubby got called over the PDA system at work to talk with his boss. They offered him counseling.  This has now become funny. Well, more like funny to me, not him. #Fail.  Fix: Keep our relationship status the same and stop changing it.

What I actually got the hubby with? I told him I was going for a run, walked over to my friend's house, destroyed my clothes with scissors, homemade blood, dirt & mud and ran home. Then, I collapsed just inside the doorway yelling, "JR!!!! Help!!!!" Hubby leaped from the couch and ran over...only to leave me lying there...Why?? Because he saw my phone on my arm was untouched...but at least he believe I was in trouble for a few seconds ;) My back story is that I got attacked by a mountain lion....and narrowly escaped by hurling a huge rock at it! I know, not too believable, but more escapable than a bear, right??

Hope your pranks went better than mine!


  1. You never disappoint for a good story!


  2. Why is it that pranks rarely go as hilariously as they do in our heads? ;) I pulled pranks as well, and mine only kind of worked. I made gross chocolates that looked real but were fake. The problem is that once one person bit in to one the rest noticed something was up and so I didn't get to prank that many people in the end. Next time I will have to get each person alone HA! Your pranks sounded really good though! Some good ideas here.