Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Review

Recently, I became a BzzAgent. (Yes, "bzz" as in bumble bee.) My first product to try is the Garnier Recharge hair care system!
        I was kinda "eh, we'll see" when I received this in the mail. My hair (while fantastically blonde) can also be very dry & frizzy. (Our dry climate doesn't help.) I do notice a difference when I color my hair-it's less frizzy, but I don't want to be a brunnette for the rest of my life. My hair also has a "bend" in it when it dries. I'm sure that the intent of the bend is wavy, but it doesn't dry wavy. When dry, it's mostly straight with a bend in the middle. Why? Who knows....
      I've tried moisturizing hair care products before, without much impact. My current regimen consists of shampoo, conditioner, then some topical frizz-free cream after my locks dry, and whenever necessary.
       I am always game to try new hair products that claim to help me manage my blonde locks. I don't think a person should have to add a lot of product to their hair to make it manageable and smooth. A few months ago I recieved a really awesome Pantene product to try-but you're supposed to use it when blow drying. While I love it for that, I don't always have time to blow dry my hair. I want a product that I can use during my shower, or immediately afterwards.
    That's where this Garner Hydra Recharge system comes into use! Besides the moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, there is a 1-minute leave-in treatment. After reading the backs off the labels, I came to the conclusion that the leave-in treatment was to occur in-between shampooing and conditioning. While this made no sense (the leave-in left my hair way softer than after conditioning), it took almost two weeks for Decaf Chell to get the memo. I finally decided to use the treatment after conditioning and experienced better results. My hair has been less frizzy since starting this new regimen, and even more so after I started the 1-minute treatment after conditioning! I find myself rarely using anti-frizz leave-in creams post shower!
      While I enjoy the Goji-berry-Passion-fruit-Kiwi scent, I find the shampoo a bit disturbing. It's taken some time to get used to the gel-ish feel. I feel like I'm rubbing hand soap into my scalp!

      The conditioner & leave-in are of "normal" consistency. I think the key to this system is the leave-in treatment, so after the shampoo & conditioner run out, I will probably just use my regular stuff, but the treatment is something that will definitely be added as a staple to my shower regimen! I also recommend it for dry/frizzy hair. Currently there are Garnier coupons on, & in Sunday papers, so yay for savings!!!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free because I am a Bzz Agent! (this too is free!)  If you wanna become one too, email me @ All opinions, observations and hair are my own!

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