Monday, May 5, 2014

Trail Running in Alaska

   As a self-proclaimed trail runner, I loved trekking the dirt packed rocky terrain of Colorado. I would run for miles...and I believe that is what made me fall in love with running...
    Fast forward to  our life in Anchorage, AK where the "trails" are mostly paved sidewalks winding through the town. This terrain took a few months of adjusting.
    Well, as things would have it (and since the snow melted),the kiddos have discovered that they love the woods and exploring the few miles of random bike trails amidst. After teaching them about the dangers of Moose & Bears, I gave into their whims and so off we ventured into the woods!

    Running can be a time of when I discovered that maybe Alaskan trail running really isn't my thing?? Seriously, folks....springtime here apparently means mud, muck and icy cold puddles...of yuck. This made me realize something...maybe I'm not cut out for Alaskan trail running... I mean, mud is yucky no matter how old you are, right??
    Also this almost-thirty-year-old has forgotten how to race down a root-studded hill...All I could think on our trek into the forrest was "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Nature! It's all over me!!!" (and yes, I said it in Melman's voice too).
     Another realization? BlondieChell does not deal well with spiderwebs and bugs all over her. She just doesn't. The kids?? Well they couldn't seem to care less as they happily ran long (also, they were well below the web-line), jumping in muck and scaling hills like they were part mountain goat.
    So for now, this girl takes back her "trail runner" title until she's able to conquer the Alaskan terrain. And bugs. And the freakishly ginormous mosquito


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