Monday, May 26, 2014

Valid Reasons For Carrying a Phone While Running With Kids

   I run with kids. I've been running with kids...and I feel like after a few months, I'm pretty seasoned about it, so I've decided that I have the authority to offer some unsolicited advice. Like why you should carry a (charged) cell phone while running:

1.'re running with kids....need I say more?? Okay, well then...

2. Random accidents (this is especially true when you've got a gaggle of kiddos with you) like the time J's nose spontaneously bled heavily almost a mile from home in the winter time. I had to sacrifice my hoodie to staunch the flow....or like the time T tripped & fell, injuring her ankle. She acted like it was broken and we were over a mile from the woods. Good times, I swear.

3. Stuff happens. Like Jer getting lost in the woods...we were a mile from both home & any main roads, so the kiddos & I continued on our path, hoping he would show up. And eventually he did (apparently he lost sight of me, so he climbed a tree, but still didn't see me and instinctively ran to the paved trail he knew we were on)

4. There's always the chance you (and/or the kiddos) will run too far and won't be able to safely make it back home (we haven't done that yet!).

5. Pictures! There's always time for selfies & pictures! (Just see my IG feed!)


  1. I am afraid to take the kid anywhere by myself without my phone...because KIDS..

  2. Personally, I think the post would've been perfect if I just wrote: "Valid Reasons For Carrying a Phone While Running With Kids...Because KIDS" but I thought "the people" would want a bit more content, lol!