Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Things We Didn't Know About Color Runs

Some of the kiddos & I were able to participate in a Color Run this weekend! We were sooooo excited!!! And, like most newbie color runners, we did our research (seriously. who wouldn't research how easy it is to get the color out post run?). And afterwards, we discovered some things that no one ever told us...So here's my short list of
      Things No One Ever Told Us About Color Running:

       1. No matter how hard you try not to, you will inhale some of the powdered color (unless you're wearing a bandanna or dust mask. which we weren't)

       2. The color gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You know that white shirt you just wore? the color went through it and stained your undergarments. And skin. (We've heard it's super easy to wash out though, so just don't do a color run before you head into work)

          (Before & After photos!)

       3. Sunglasses help no one. Sure, it *seems* ideal, but unless you're wearing goggles, it will get into your eye area. My kiddos forwent (past tense of "forgo"??) wearing theirs and didn't complain. I wore mine, and still had to blink powder out at certain color stations.

       4. No one (except fellow color racers) wants to hug you post-run. Saddest thing ever ;(
                      See this? This is Hubs *not* hugging me post run!

       5. If you go shopping immediately afterwards, no one draws attention to your stained face and streaked hair. Which is nice. Or not...Either the standards of "normal" or changing, or everyone's growing more accepting of differences....Or they're like, "Oh, look! They just went for a color run! Do you think they know? Yeah...the probably know...."
     Did we have fun?? Sure thing! Would we do it again?? OH, YEAH!!!!!



  1. This looks like a blast. Except for the running part. Are you kicked out for walking??

    1. (I swore I responded to this like....2 weeks ago...) No! Many people walk! These types of 5Ks draw such huge crowd & seem to be family friendly!