Monday, May 12, 2014

How To Cartwheel As An Adult

  Today's post spawns from my newest trick: Cartwheeling! I have this theory that as an adult, I can try new (or retry) things! So I've started cartwheeling and created this tutorial (more liek a "how I learned how to") for ya:

   How To Cartwheel As An Adult:
1. Find a child you can watch cartwheel who won't yell "Stranger Danger!" (Preferably one who resembles you so you won't get pegged as being "that creepy person with a creepy vehicle")
2. Find a soft, safe place to practice.
3. Lean to your side (pick a side!) and place that side's hand flat on the ground. This will be side #1.
4. Bring Hand #2 down and parallel with Hand #1 on the ground (approx shoulder width apart)

                                                Like so...ish....

5. Stand up and repeat Steps 3&4, while bringing Leg #2 up and swinging it over to hopefully land next to (or near) Hand # 2.
6. Leg #1 should naturally follow Leg #2 in succession (up and over and down).
7. After you've fallen on your bum, try steps 5-6 again (Singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..." may help!), and hopefully you will land on your feet!

And, here are two short clips of me cartwheeling last weekend! Good luck!!!

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