Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whiny Wednesday Nov 27 2013

     You know how some bloggers do a "Talk About It Tuesday" or "Wordless Wednesday"?? Well I got all creative and combined my new obsession with a midweek post. It's called "Whiny Wednesday".
      To fill in those of you who don't follow me on FB, my latest obsession (Hubs so graciously called it an "interest") is Alaska vanity license plates. There. I said it. Shame and all.
       According to some website, the "vanity penetration rate" for Alaska is 4.99% which means that almost 5% of the vehicles with Alaska plates are vanity tags. However, I have this unsupported theory that the majority of that 5% live in Anchorage.Because I see them. ALL THE TIME.
       After noticing that I was seeing dozens (100 maybe??) a week just from commuting 20 minutes to work and running errands, I came to the conclusion that there are alot of vanity tags here. Alot. (Next week I shall be figuring out the percentage of how many vanity tags I see compared to the "regular" ones)
       This series shall be my sounding board as I rant about these collections of letters and numbers. Like "AK BOY". Ack, you're a boy?? Oh...I get it. "Alaska Boy". So...did you just have a boy? Or are you just not yet a man?? (See?? this is going somewhere, people!)
        So I hope that you shall join me in this insanity, find your state's vanity penetration rate and get obsessed yourself! Meanwhile, I shall leave you with a short list of tags I've seen: (Comment on them below!)
              500 SW
              DID NOT

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  1. Awesome! We always notice vanity plates too! Espesh the funny ones. Recently saw one with the word "NAP"in it, can't remember exactly but had to with loving naps. Which I do too!