Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Moose Pics & Funny Friday

       It's Monday. For most of you, I imagine that it's a slightly windy, fall day. Your jeans are on. Leave are blowing around. Your travel mug is filled with your fav caffeine-induced hot liquid. Squirrels are running up trees. And your high heel just stepped in dog doo...and you just spilled your hot beverage all over your new sweater in the confusion. A perfect fall morning, right??
       Well we live in Alaska now and the first snowfall just hit this weekend. We actually got a double-whammy when it snowed again yesterday. Blanketing our town with a few layers of the white stuff. Snow. pure white snow that is everywhere.
        See, we moved to AK from the magical land of Colorado, where the snow was "here today, gone tomorrow". But now it's "here today, here to stay". And people seem to freak out about this. Well, maybe not freak-out-freak-out, but enough to where you gotta wonder how bad it can be to have snow permanently on the ground for a few months. Oh, it doesn't help that the sun rises at 8am and sets around 4pm or so.
       But this morning I woke up feeling like we live in a magical winter wonderland. For now. And maybe the moose we saw yesterday will grace us with their presence again. Or not. I'm not too sure what kind of habitat moose live in, besides the forest. Do they find caves? Do they build nests? Or do they just plop down wherever they feel like it? (Two of them plopped down in our yard yesterday. While it was snowing. Just because they felt like it. They didn't spend the night, though.)
      So in case you missed them on my page, here are some pics of the Momma moose & her offspring:

      In these first two photo they are chomping on our neighbor's pumpkins that were left out on the porch:

    Momma Moose

             Little Moose

   Dancin' Moose

   Also, for those of you who've been paying attention, I recently started a "Funny Friday" shindig on the Facebook Fan Page.
      What it is: Each Friday I do my best (okay. WHEN I remember) to share funny pictures & whatnot to help you get through the end of the week. Typically the humor is running/fitness, coffee and parenthood related. I just may throw some crochet/knit humor in there too. You never know!
      How you can help: FB is a bit wonky when it comes to fan page posts. The more a post gets liked & shared, the more people see it. So if you like one of the funny Friday pics and want more fans to see it, just click the "like" button, or share the pic on your page (and help your friends get through their Friday too!)
       Get involved: Last week I kicked off a new program-share *your* funny photos during the week, and you just may see them on the next Funny Friday!!!
           *Randomness Abounds*

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  1. I am now following you through your Blog Hop. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. When my daughter was still an infant & Bjorn bound, I like many other mommies used to do all my chores while holding her in the carrier. One morning, I was doing laundry. I loaded up a full load of whites & closed the washing machine door & went on to my next chore. My daughter was being uncharacteristically quiet, so it started to worry me a little. I went to the nearest mirror to see what it was that she was doing & found her happily nibbling away on a pair of mommy's dirty underwear. I was mortified. Suffice it to say, I always check her hands & mouth after dropping in a load of laundry from that day forward.