Monday, November 4, 2013

Conversations With a Two-Year-Old

      It's Monday...but this is Tattler Thursday worthy...but it's Monday. So, Enjoy ;)
     This post is about the 2yo. And how he can now's a trip...
     Ever try to talk to a two-year old? For the most part, it's like playing a game of pictionary or charades. "Sounds like....." is constantly running through my head. Then once you finally get the correct answer, you have to switch gears and try to *remember* what the original phrase sounded like so you can associate with that word/term again.
      The strangest one I've encountered so far happened last week on our walk home from walking the other kiddos to school. Boo said something along the lines of "quah-wide". I tried "the light", "flashlight", "go inside" and a myriad of other phonetic combinations. In a last-ditch effort, I uttered "roll tide" and received the much anticipated "yes" with head nod.
       Now this kid has no idea what football is (it is for football, right??) or even Alabama. He can't read, so he hasn't seen it on Facebook like me. He's not in pre-school or daycare yet so he hasn't heard it from his friends. He doesn't even know what the phrase means. But according to him, it was what he meant that morning.

      Apparently he also thinks he's a backseat driver. We dropped the kids off at school one day with the vehicle so we could take him to the doctor's. (Kid needed immunization shots. That's the next convo). After the kiddos piled out of the vehicle and shut the doors, Malachi said (from the 2nd row) "Go! Go! Go!" like it was a race & I was stopped (which I was.) The kid is two and already a backseat driver.
        After that we made it to the doctor's. This was his first doctor's visit in Alaska, and he's also been exposed to Doc McStuffins, so the waiting room and preliminary doctor stuff went well. Then came the shots. Now mind you, I (maybe somewhat cheerily?) informed him that shots were going to happen. Because they were. And they did. And the poor kid cried for 2 seconds (seriously. Way shorter than I had anticipated). Later I had asked him if he survived his shots. He said, "No, Mommy. It hurted." Then I asked him if he wanted to get more shots. He seemed to hesitate before he said, "No, Mommy. Hurted." Poor kid. He'll survive.
    Here's an adorable pic to round up this post:

           He was Cubby from Jake & the Neverland Pirates. Only, when you asked him if he was going to be Cubby, he would say "No." So one day I asked him what he wanted to be instead. He said, "David" (our friend's 4yo). So we made him dress up as Cubby anyways. 

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  1. Im in the same boat with the word guessing! Mine is 19 months so cant quite "conversate" yet. They are mostly filled with "No No No NOOO!" and "wasss that". But still cute lol