Monday, September 16, 2013

The Etiquette and Execution of the Snot Rocket, Part II

     I do believe in my last post about this topic, I spoke about Snot Rocketing in a secludedish part of a trail. This week my mind has been blown by two things:
     1. A fellow runner hocked a loogie right in front of me. He was headed in the opposite direction I was and he hocked & spit almost in my path (it wasn't a Snot Rocket, but it was mucus launched from a bodily orifice). I was shocked. For a bit. But then I wondered about how Snot Rocket Etiquette pertains to fellow runners. I guess if it's common for a runner to do it, then why should we feel self conscious to execute our techniques in front of others?
    2. I decided to purposely practice my technique this week so I could offer some better advice. Such as: While Snot Rocketting, remember that a "still" is different than an "in motion". I fear my phone will never forgive me. That being said, watch your stance an aim during execution. You don't want to do an "in motion" while your arm is swinging in front of your face, and you won't want to perfect a "still" while looking down at your phone. It's all about bodily awareness.
    So this week's lessons are about Bodily Awareness, Perfecting Execution and overcoming Social Fears.
    Bodily Awareness (as stated above) entails being fully conscious of your body, where your intended land point is and your stance. Practice stills and in motions.
    Perfecting Execution includes 1. making sure your opposite nostril is fully depressed (it typically takes one to two fingers, depending on nostril size) during the exhale, 2. practicing the "pre-snot rocket inhale", and 3. practicing how to fully execute the snot from your open nostril without making the situation look like you are choking to death.
     Social Fears include the fear of executing a Snot Rocket in front of fellow runners and the suppressed confidence of being able to adequately execute your Snot Rocket.
    Your mission this week is to go out and give it a try! That's right! I want you seize your moment and add a new skill to your running (or walking) arsenal! And report back to me!!!

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