Monday, September 30, 2013

Skora Ambassador Submission

Here's my submisson to Skora to become a Skora Ambassador. This is what HQ will be reviewing:

     Hi, My name’s Michelle! I *really tried* to write two different paragraphs for “Running/Athletic Accomplishments” and “Running/Athletic Goals” but mine seem to mesh together, so I’ll just tell you my story.
     I am a 27yo wife & mom to 3. In high school I was very active and participated in just about all of the sports my school offered. I always loved playing a sport rather than watching it. High school passed, college, marriage and kids filled in some years and I found myself wanting to lose weight and get rid of this “mommy fat” that encompasses my center. At 230lbs, I started of gradually, with short at-home-work-out dvds, then I got the urge to start running. So I did. And four years later, I find myself running 4+miles 3 days a week and a long run on the weekend that’s been up to 8 miles.
    I consider myself a distance/endurance runner, and I am gradually increasing my distances. I’ve participated in 5ks, and can run 10k distances. My future goals are to do half and full marathons. I’d also love to do ultras (my #1 ultra goal is the Leadville 100).  We lived in Colorado for the past 7 years, but this summer we moved up to Anchorage, AK. So I feel lucky that I was able to spend several years running in the mountains of Colorado. And now I am enjoying the beautiful scenery here in AK. I broke up with my treadmill over a year ago. I only run outside, and I love running in snow.
    This fall I’ve been able to volunteer with the kid’s running club at school, and I plan to volunteer with their soccer team as well.  I love being active and taking my family out n weekend hikes and walks along the beautiful Anchorage coast.
Examples of social influence (on or offline)
    I like to think that my social influence encompasses both on & offline. Online, my Klout score hovers around 60. I find myself active in the running community-participating in discussions on running, minimalist shoe-wearing and fitness activities. I engage my readers on my blog fan page, and I have almost 1000 Twitter followers. I am constantly posting running selfies and pics of my Vibrams to Instagram.
     My social influence includes encouraging my children and other children to participate in the local kid’s running club (and I run with them!), and I’ve had 3 friends recently join “the running world”. I am also active in our local running community.

Relevant links to anything you think we should know
Facebook Profile:
Facebook Fanpage:

Your experience in minimalist shoes
I’ve been wearing VibramFivefingers for a few years now and love them!!! 

 Any experience with Skora

I have tried Skoras on, but I haven’t had the opportunity to experience them on the road!

Here are the 3 pics I submitted for an "action shot"!

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