Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tattler Thursday BlogHop #19 Tattling About the ToothFairy!

   Welcome to Tattler Thursday!!! Today's story is a double-tattle. I'm tattling on our 6yo, and myself!! Why?? Well, really, it's the Tooth Fairy's fault. Uh-huh.
    See, if it wasn't for the whimsical fairy who breaks & enters into folks houses to steal pieces of a human's anatomy, children wouldn't be so excited about losing teeth. But they are. And they typically anticipate a visit from this magical creature (seriously. how can they not be scared of a stranger sneaking into their room in the middle of the night & huddling over them all stalker-like, listening to their slow breaths??) and form of payment. I believe that in the adult world, selling human body parts is illegal. When will someone come & arrest the Tooth Fairy??
    Anyways, Josiah had lost his first tooth a few months ago. The creepy chick in a tutu visited. Then a few weeks ago, he lost tooth #2 when he bit a kid's leg. So as not to encourage this type of behavior, he was informed that the Tooth Fairy would not be visiting for that tooth. And then I told him that if he pulled out the super-duper-loose tooth (the one that just came out?? not super-duper-loose!) that the Tooth Fairy would visit. And this child who fears pain and the unknown did it!
    And when the children asked questions about the mythical fairy.... I explained that us parents were actually the Tooth Fairy. That being said ( I know! I know! But....we try to not lie to the kids.), the kiddos were still extremely excited about the magical night-time stalker coming for a visit. And she did. And Josiah received a Sacagawea dollar for his efforts.
     About a week or so later, tooth #4 fell out during lunch. Ewwww. And so I placed the tooth "somewhere safe" until we could put it under his pillow. And then we forgot about it. And then I found it 3 days later. And so I put it in "a safe place" again. And now I can't find it, but no one's questioned it, so....I'm safe for now!!!
     Enjoy hopping, everyone!!!

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  1. I cant believe he lost it biting another kid!! What a story to tell everyone lol Thanks for sharing and co-hosting the Hop this week!!

    Desiree @

    1. I know! I know! the things we go through with him!

  2. Miss 4: came in with her stuffed cat.

    Miss 4: "My cat eated a mouse."
    Me: "Did it taste nice?"
    Miss 4: "No. It was a computer mouse."

    Thanks for hosting, new to your blog, found on Tweet Deck.
    Join Me In Weekends Are Fun

    Oh My Heartsie Girl