Monday, February 11, 2013

55 Things You May Wish You Didn't Know About Me....

Soooo....I took a blogger friend up on a challenge and am about to present you with 55 things about me you most likely did not know. I do believe in honesty (no matter how much it may hurt, it's better than being lied to), so no matter what it may make you think of goes:
55 Little Known Facts About Me:
55. I have an older sister and younger bro...and look *nothing* like them...
54. I was temporarily a Pilates instructor for a class no one signed up for.
53. I don't cry much during sappy movies...
52. Sometimes I wear a beard when I run (when it's cold...)
51. Once in a while I'll dye my hair brown to see what it's like to be a brunette ;)
50. I bite my nails.
49. Even though I grew up on the east coast, I can't stand seafood.
48. I'm Dutch
47. I'm trying to stop biting my nails.
46. I wanted to be an actress.
45. I wear contacts.
44. I am not immune to depression. Sometimes, it comes in waves.
43. I can snowboard.
42. My 3rd kid was accidentally born on my bff's toilet (caught by her husband, too!)
41. Sometimes my blue eyes change to green.
40. I've been to Peru. Almost stayed.
39. My first job was in a bridal shop. Loved it.
38. I have to have my "clutter piles" or I can't focus.
37. I wanted to be a hairstylist.
36. I’ll do just about anything if you dare me.
35. I graduated from a small Bible college.
34. I sneeze super-loud. Louder than any man I've met.
33. I wait until years after an "incident" to tell my Mom how it *really* happened.
32. I get ingrown toenails.
31. If it's chocolate, it has my name on it. 
30. I can run a little over 6 miles without stopping (so far). 
29. I call myself "The Baby Whisperer"....because I am *that good* with infants.
28. I love rollerblading!
27. I weighed 244lb the week before my oldest was born.
26. I really love my blonde hair and think that other people see it as magical and wonderful as I do ;)
25. I love folding laundry. I find it soothing.
24. Sometimes I call my oldest son by my brother's name.
23. I don't like tomatoes. texture issues.
22. I love clearance sales and bargain bins. I rarely pay full price for anything, and try to spend less than $7 for an article of clothing.
21. I have really horrible looking stretch marks on my arms.
20. Apparently, I look like my grandmother....see??

19. I don't know how to blow a snot rocket (runner shame, I know!)
18. I've taken the kids back to the east coast a few times just to see my family.
17. I like to think I'm an amateur interior decorator (when I have the time).
16. I've never watched an entire Super Bowl.
15. Okay so, I really don't understand football.
14. I am really the voice of Toilet Baby. (yes, I know. shocking, huh??)
13. I get car sick ;/
12. I love wearing fun socks!
11. I will go skydiving and bungee jumping one day (preferably not on the same day...we'll see...)
10. I don't have cable or any tv channels ;)
9. I love reading books!
8. I only follow a few blogs regularly (blogger guilt, I know!)
7. I've accidentally worn the same earrings to a party as the hostess.
6. I *LOVE* Instagram. (@BlondieChell if you wanna follow!)
5. I want to backpack through Europe one day...and run...
4. I rarely check my Twitter feed (@BlondieChell if you wanna follow! I do follow-back)
3. I love watching re-runs of Psych. (like you didn't know...mwahahahaha....)
2. I've puked up ocean water...and buried it in the, basically , when the tide came back in, the puke went into the ocean. 
1. I saved the most surprising thing for last:  I eat lollipop sticks. Yes. That's right. I eat the lollipop...then the stick just kind dissolves in my mouth...and...I eat it....There. My secret's out. 
                             Your turn! Post the link to your 55 things here & I'll read it!

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  1. Love it! I knew it would worth reading. I ahve never seen a SuperBowl in all the way thru either!