Monday, February 18, 2013

Calling All Nancy Drewers!

   Calling all Nancy Drew wannabes! I need your help! I have a mystery that needs solving!
         It all started a few months ago.... In an effort to make commenting easier on my followers, I took the magical "please enter the random numbers and/or letters and cross your fingers you read it right before your comment is posted" box off the comment section, and now I get emails a few times a week looking like this:

        If you can't read it, it's just the basic spam comment on *More* Crazy Things I Do While Running with a link they want you to click on. For those of you who are wondering how to identify spam comments, here's a quick guide:
                               1. The comment is written in English, but clearly not translated well.
                               2. There is a link for you to click on.
        Now, I'm not naive and I know that spammers will hit any blog they find, but my curiosity is, Why this particular post? It's only this post that gets the spam comments, and it *keeps happening*. While I love comments, (and trust that no one else clicks on the spam links) I just want to know what is drawing these people to *THIS* particular post. Is there candy in it? I mean, I think it's well written, but then again, I'm slightly biased, aren't I?? 
        So, my request of you, my fellow sleuths, is to read the post. I mean, *really read* it. Scour it. Go over it with a fine tooth comb. Then, report back to me your findings! Is there a magical word spammers look for? Is there a naughty pic on there? Help me solve this mystery!!! (And don't forget to report back your findings!!!!) 


  1. Does it have a lot of keywords in it? Do a keyword search and see how some of the words rank. Maybe that's how they find you? Or google yourself?

    I'll get spam on certain posts. I've been curious too.

    1. I think the key/search words are about average with the rest of my you think it could be the asterisks?

  2. It just happens lol. :)
    I get a lot of spam as well. I just delete them.

  3. they get deleted, but I find it so odd as to why it only happens on this post! ;-o