Monday, February 4, 2013

Stuff To Know For Running In Snow

          I'm not sure what it is about running in snow that invigorates me....maybe it's the combination of two of my fav things (running & snow) or maybe it's the enticing snow-filled air....or, maybe it's just the random craziness that seems to run in my veins....Whichever reason, one of my most favorite things about living in Colorado is being able to run in freshly fallen snow. I have had the opportunity to run in snow enough times to find out what happens when you run in snow that has ice underneath.
       1. Know Your Trail. It is important that you know what kind of terrain is underneath the snow so you can know what to expect if the snow isn't packed (dirt or sand will give, while tougher surfaces such as pavement and concrete will not)

                     {Take this photo for instance: If I had not known there was soft ground on the hill, I probably would have stumbled after my foot fell into into it. The top surface is pavement, so I knew to strike the surface lighter there.}

        2. Bundle Up. My philosophy is "The warmer you are, the farther you can run" This may not be true for all runners, but I find that if I'm cold after I hit a mile (it takes a mile for me to warm up), I don't want to run much longer.
                                      Layers....It' all about layers.... Here's some of mine:

        3. Know your environment. Did it snow the day before? If so, ice may be lurking beneath the surface (unless it all melted-which is why you must know you're environment). I've ran on snow-packed roads even though it's been weeks since it's snowed because the snow was shaded and never had a chance to melt.
        4. Take warm water. Wait, what?? Yes. Fill your bottle with warm (not hot-we don't want anyone scalding themselves and thus ruining a fantastic run) water because if it's cold enough to snow (hello-frozen water) it's cold enough for your water to freeze.
        5. Take photos. How often do you get to run in snow?? Take photos not just for yourself, but fr your friends too! When's the last time they had the guts to run in snow?? That's right-inspire running guilt with just a simple click of your phone!
                                             Seriously fun!!!!

                                                  It's freezing cold!!!!

       6. Don't fall. Just. Don't. You'll never want to get back up, then when you do, you'll be too cold and demotivated to run.
        7. Track yourself. Use a GPS on your phone or whatever to track your run just in case something awful happens and you fall down a ravine or something. If my understanding of all things tv shows is correct, law enforcement should be able to find your gps signal and ensue in an awesome rescue mission ;)
                    Hopefully you've been inspired to run in some snow now! Just remember to stay safe and follow most of these tips!


  1. Hey Michelle. I think you ought to send this as an article to Runner Magazine! Good info.

  2. Your posts are funny. I admire your running. I rarely RUN anywhere HAHA, but I do like walking in the snow here in MI and so that is what I do. I agree that it is invigorating. You need more layers if you walk..cause you don't generate much body heat haha. I sometimes tie a scarf around my nose and mouth so I look like a bandit..maybe I should get a beard like yours haha.