Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainbows and Promises....

   The other day I looked out the front of my friend's house and was greeted by the awesome sight of a huge double-rainbow.  As I gazed at the beautiful colors, I thought of how pretty it was.....and then I remembered my rainbow-chasing attempt a few Saturdays ago, and my world came crashing down.
    That rain bow no longer stood as a sign of promise and hope to me.  Instead, all I could see was empty promises and disillusionment.  I think I was even more disappointed after seeing the double rainbow than I was the day I tried to chase one.
    Well, God pays attention to our thoughts (and blog postings) and instead of chiding me, He decided to send me a birthday rainbow!  I stared at the sight on our way through the valley and I came to the conclusion that rainbows aren't signs of empty or broken promises.  They're not symbols of disillusionment or abandonment.  The reason you can never find the end of a rainbow is because they start and end in God's hands.  His hands hold the world, and His hands hold promises.  Without God, there would be no rainbows.
                                                              double rainbow
                                                       my BDay rainbow...(it looks kinda faint...)

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