Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Father's Day 2014 Memory

      Well, this week's plan was to post something sentimental, yet comical about things my Dad has said/taught me. Howev, the Hubs and I decided (cuz he's  a big fan, ya know...and unofficial semi-editor-in-chiefish) that I'd tell ya about our Father's Day trip. Because it's funny...which makes it memorable....
       In order to appreciate the situation, I shall fill you in our day: We left the house a little before noon to travel almost an hour for what turned out to be a ghetto car show (10 classic cars. A bunch of old people. Free {rubbery} food).
       We tried to salvage the disappointment by browsing a few shops (you know-Sears...Walmart...the non-fancy kind) before heading back towards home. Since it was nearing dinner time, I suggested we stop at "that-thar-new-fancy-restaurant".
       Since it was new, it was packed....and apparently came with a 2-hour wait time! So instead of napping in the car, or browsing more shops, Hubs (Father's Day. He gets to call the shots!) insisted we go for a run/walk on the nearby trail (the *one time* I didn't have any running gear except my Vibram Five Fingers....). So we went. After three-quarters of a mile, we headed back.....down a ginormous hill...Hubs was carrying the sleep-deprived three-year-old (3yo) who's chubby legs forgot how to move. And our blonder-than-most daughter was walking in front of him.
       Does anyone else see where this was going?? I sure didn't. After admiring the view, I turned to my right, only to see a dog-pile next to me. Hubs had tripped over the five-year-old (5yo), which caused him to tumble down like Goliath and drop the 3yo, It was not a pretty sight (funny, yes. pretty? no.). They all lost their battle with gravity for a few moments.
      The two littles were scared and confused ("who am I? what am I? where am I?) and the Hubs scraped his knees pretty bad. This poor guy didn't know the meaning of the words "pain", "accident" or "hospital" until he met me! I've sure livened up his life!
        Other than that, they all survived! And I got a good chuckle out of it (afterwards, of course!!!). Here's a pic of us pre-accident:

Hope you had an epic weekend too!

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