Monday, June 9, 2014

BlondieChell = #FitKids #FitFamily

         You may (or may not have) noticed that I've spend the past few weeks tailoring my content to #fitkids and #fitfamily. Because I've finally found my niche, lol!
     I am a self-described "accidental fitness nut". This is because I'm not a fitness nut on my own. As much as I've loved running, I've seemed to avoid other types (and amounts) of exercise. I mean sure, core workouts are beneficial for runners, but let's face it...who has time for that??
    I've spent the past few months carving out my own fitness time daily, whether it's a few miles in here or just a rest day mile. I've added headstand a few times a week, and since I've learned how to cartwheel, I try to increase that weekly too! This girl has found her niche and is running with it! (har har har.)
    Really, I blame the kiddos. It seems like at all times, at least one of the 7 is begging to go outside and do something. I've learned how to ice skate, cartwheel and hula hoop in the past 6 months because of them! They really do have me on the go! (I feel like the designated fitness coach in this family!)
    We've done 5K's together, and when we run home from the park, we make sure to balance on the short wooden fence/barrier. We roller skate, jump of swings and even hula hoop! (In fact-we went to a free event/festival this weekend downtown, and in the kid's area they had a "hula hoop garden". The poor things were laying on the ground all lonely-like until we took them for a spin! Pretty sure they didn't see much action after we left!)

     So (for now) #fitkids and #fitfamily makes sense. Maybe (if we're all lucky!!) there'll be some posts about healthy eating habits too! (as soon as they start making chocolate-covered spinach leaves!!!)

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