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Tattler Thursday Blog Hop 6-27

    This week I have the chance to co-host the awesome Tattler Thursday!
I'm really god at tattling, and here's my tattling tale...
     I've never been a big believer in the "terrible twos" (in fact, most of Josiah's early years were "terrible" lol). I believe that children go through phases and throw temper tantrums here & there and eventually (with creative control techniques and patience) stop having as many fits.
     This time, though, Malachi has convinced me that some children do indeed go through a "terrible two's" stage. He has been tossing tantrums left and right-so much that I think he might be the next Mike Tyson in training!
      Malachi's tantrums started out as amusing-when he was about one, he would lay down on his back and throw a trantrum-only since he was on his back, he looked like a poor, helpless turtle with his flailing legs (apparently toddlers *do not* have an instruction manual for these types of things)
      The one he tossed down the other day was no different. Well, I guess it kind of was. His tantrums have evolved from "the turtle" to a standing up tantrum. It can be pretty amusing, because the poor kid looks like he just can't figure out the proper way to thrrow a tantrum.
     Like most toddlers, when he gets into this mood, his anger gets the best of him, and he tends to scream, cray and once in a while, throw things. Like his almost-full cup of milk. But like I said, he's only two and has yet to master the art of throwing a tantrum, let alone the techniue of proper throwing.
    In his rage, he tossed his open cup to the ground. Now, if you and I take a cup and throw it on the ground, we'll most likely aim it sideways (try it!). This kid threw it straight down. I laughed. Sure, milk went all over the floor, but a nice volume remained in the cup as the cup stayed upright on the carpet. As I was throwing my head back, laughing at his lack of coordination (did I mention I was exhausted) I looked up and saw spots on the ceiling. Milk spots. The kid got milk on my ceiling!!! Who spills liquids on their ceiling?? Who cleans their ceiling?? Who can reach their ceiling??
    This is when Mommy broke down. HOW am I going to clean milk off the ceiling?? So I tossed the kid a rag and the spray bottle (it's a completely safe natural cleaner that he loves using) and told him to clean it. AND figure out how to get milk off the ceiling. THAT was his problem now.
      Okay, friends! What's *your* Tattler-Thursday tale?? Link up!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Uglee Pen (Ergonomical Pen) *GiveAway*

           Did you read my review of the Uglee Pens??

Well Uglee Pens & Tomoson want to give some of the pens away to one very awesome reader!!! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!

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*Please note that I am not responsible for shipping this product. Once the winner is verified and I have collected their mailing address, I submit that to the company who then ships the product. This make take up to 8 weeks for delivery ;)

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Uglee Pen (an ergonomic pen)

" href=""><img src="" />           
           I recently received some Uglee Pens to try (for free!) from Tomoson. Their pens have been ergonomically designed to give you the best, comfortable grip. As the mom of a child who has different needs, I was very intrigued by this design. They claim that this ergonomic pen  was "designed for every hand". Thought I didn't confirm this statement with a wide variety of users, I do know that my children (smaller hands) loved writing with this pen.

           When it comes to testing out pens, I do believe I have a different take than most people. See, I spend alot of time writing on our kitchen wall. No, I'm not *that* crazy (well...sometimes). But I write on my kitchen wall because that's where we keep the calendar & the kid's schedules and everything like that. Okay, so once in a while there will be an unfinished art project, but for the most part, it' writing sideways. On a wall.
            For those of you familiar with wall writing (except God-He can use his finger for that, and I don't think there's any comparison ;), pens tend to stop working when they are tilted sideways. This means that as soon as I opened up my Uglee pens, I started scribbling on my wall! Yes! And just look how much ink I was able to use before it died!

            After I was using the pen for a short time, the two year-old decided to take it apart. After he lost the black top, he pulled the squishy part off the pen. Then the family proceeded to snap each other with it.

                 I can honestly say that we had more fun with this pen than I think was intended!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using nofollow
" href=""> Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My New Running Buddy(ies)

     I have been searching for a local running buddy since the beginning of the year. Why?? Because running in the freezing cold morning is so much more bearable when you are sharing that misery with someone.
     I had high (super-duper high) hopes that I would find one, two or even three running buddies. After putting the word out, I had alot of interest on FaceBook in one of the local mom groups I'm apart of. So much interest, that these women even picked 5:30 a.m. (we're talking dark, freezing winter in CO) for the meet up. It was at a local, well-know bridge and I had to travel four miles each way to get there. I met by myself for several weeks before moving the time to 6 a.m. (hey, if the people who chose this time were not going to show, I was going to make an executive decision).
     For months I continued to meet by myself for these weekly group runs (hey- Me, God & my fat count as a group, lol). Then school ended. This meant that I would be saddled with our 6 year-old who experiences behavior issues (I tend to go crazy when I have him to myself for more than four hours). The day after school was out, I had an epiphany (or apostrophe, if you will)- take the 6 year-old out for exercise daily. Walking, running, riding bikes, ect. Early. Before he realizes what's happening.
      Having a 6 year-old for a running buddy is not as fun as it sounds. Think about it: shorter legs = (typically) longer minutes per mile; training a newbie can be tough; not knowing if you're pushing too hard or not enough is mentally straining; and complaints have to be dealt with. Add all that to a Sensory Processing Disorder and it's quite the experiment.
      Three weeks into our weekly exercise routine, I get a message from a fellow runner who lives right down the road. She was looking for a running buddy! (Really, God?? I *finally* get an adult running buddy 3 & a half weeks before we're supposed to leave??) Turns out, she lives right down the road, so she runs from her house to where I live & we hit the trails together!
       So for a few weeks, I have an adult running buddy, in addition to my little running buddy. I'm really enjoying this because instead of running & walking at a pace that is waaaaaaaay too slow, I'm able to increase my speed with my ARB (Adult Running Buddy) while still getting my LRB (Little Running Buddy) out & about & running without completely sacrificing my speed and mileage


Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Glenwoods Springs Adventure Part 2

         After we hiked the beautiful Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO, we decided to head back home on the famous Independence Pass. Turns out this pass is only about an hour from where we live. The state (or county or whomever is in charge of this kind of stuff) *tries* to get it opened (remove snow & stuff to make is passable) by Memorial Day weekend. Since it's located in CO, it's  subject to snow at the most random times of the year.
        I'm not sure why this pass is so famous besides the fact that it's the highest paved (that's right-some passes are *not* paved. It's just dirt & rocks here in rugged, CO) pass in Colorado. It's also pretty treacherous. That's right-a friend & her family attempted to ascend, but then chickened out. After their descent, they inquired about the pass at a local restaurant, only to hear that a lot off people die & are hospitalized each year for falling off the pass. Oops. Also, the road gets trimmed down to one lane for a quarter mile. It's the longest quarter mile of your life, too.
       Now, I don't know about you, but Hubby's the better driver between the two of us, so he's often on the driver's side. If you've ever driven (or rode) up a mountain pass, you'll notice that the driver's side of the vehicle is significantly farther from the edge than the passenger's side. Talk about causing panic. Though I trust Hubby's driving ability (I was riding with him, after all), I can't seem to deny my over-active imagination. Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack when we drove up the pass from Aspen, CO.  (Hubby has a mild fixation with Google maps and the "street view". This was good, because we could "preview" the pass before we drove it. However, I do not remember the "one lane" part, or the fact that we would be hanging off the side of the mountain the entire time.)
      When you are on the passenger side of a vehicle that is just about hanging off the edge of a mountain with a very steep drop (mountain passes tend to go up before they go down), you start to panic. And close your eyes. Then open them again to "help" the driver watch for possible collisions (my Dad always said, "it's not you, it's them I'm worried about"). I also tried to snap some shots in between my silent screams. I know people who have a fear of heights or falling are told to not look down, but really, I don't think you can appreciate the true beauty of a mountain pass unless you do look down. So I did. Then I shut my eyes. Then I looked again. It was an arduous process.
      For a good part of the trek, there was a nice little rail guard-you know-to slow you down a bit and let you know you that you are indeed falling off the side of a mountain. This quickly became my bff and we silently converse. I thanked it for being there and helping us not fall off the mountain. Because I was lucky enough to be on the passenger side, I could not see any "extra" road on the side of me. I was convinced that we were just teetering on the edge & my extra weight on that side would most certainly tip us over. If I had been thinking with a clear head, I would have just moved into the seat that sits safely behind hubby. But alas, that was not my fate.
     Needless to say, like most folks who drive up the pass, we made it safely to the top, where we were met with tons of snow. I was wearing my flipflops (I had trashed my Vibrams during the Hanging Lake adventure, so they and my socks needed a good cleaning. Since I had intended to wear my Vibrams for my run & the hike, I brought my flipflops {I also meant to bring my "church shoes" but they decided they too needed a vaca and stayed home} & Vibrams) and almost ended up with frostbite due to walking in the snow with just flipflops on. I know, insane, but I think it was well worth the short hike to get a pic of the top of Independence Pass.
     Unbeknownst to us, the opposite side of the pass was shorter and far less treacherous than the Aspen side. I think that if we ever want photos of the pass again, we'll just stick with using the Twin Lakes side of the pass. Here are some photos of the road up, the top and the road down. Enjoy!

Pretty sure they used sidewalk chalk to mark these lines!

              This guardrail was my bff!!!

                     Top of the pass!!!

                        So excited we survived!!!

    You can see part of the pass when you go up the pass!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Glenwood Springs Adventure, Part 1

          A few weekends ago the Hubs & I took  short vaca sans kiddos! (No, we didn't leave them alone at home, we swap childcare w/friends!) Our adventure took us to Glenwood Springs, CO. This scenic location is close to the famous ski resorts (Aspen, Vail, ect) and known for it's therapeutic hotsprings (truth be told, I think just about every town in CO has a hotsprings location). It is also known for this supposedly magical "Hanging Lake" which is tauted as being "suspended on the edge of a cliff".
         Sounds awesome, right?? I asked the hubs how this lake could be just "hanging off a mountain side" and his answer entailed the bottom of the lake being "held up" by this infrastructure of moss. Well, obviously my mind envisioned this magical body of water, hanging off of a cliff with a moss underside. I vainly tried to find pictures of this exquisite site, but only view of the top of the lake were available.
         Due to the delicate ecosystem surrounding the lake, no one is allowed to touch the water (let alone swim in it) because the tiniest amount of oil from human skin can destroy parts of this ecosystem (not to mention the delicate moss underside which I imagine would just crumble at the weight of human bones).  My goal for this trip was to capture the side view of the lake so there would be a pictorial reference of what this marvelous site looked like "suspended on the edge of a cliff".
          I leaned over the edge of the boardwalk (there's a man-made boardwalk around half the circumference of the lake so folks can walk around it) only to discover that I had been mislead. Lied to. Whammy-ed. This little reservoir was not "magically suspended". It was indeed on the edge of a cliff, but held in by the cliff itself-not just moss or air. There was rockage underneath.
         Sure, the sight was pretty, but all my prior visions of this lake were dashed. Sooooooo not worth the strenuous climb to see it. I tried to make the best of it, however, and wandered around the side all the way to the back where you could see the waterfall! That was pretty, and then we were told about another trail that goes higher up to "Spouting Rock". This trek was super-short and the waterfalls *ah-mazing*! I went behind the waterfall and was immediately reminded of the waterfall scene from George of the Jungle (one of my fav movies). We got some great pics from it, and I was able to justify the long trek up the mountain ;)
 Here is a photodump for your enjoyment!

This is the famed Hanging Lake. It sure is pretty!            This is a stick sticking out of the lake.

This is some gross brown stuff floating on top of the lake. I'm sure it has something to do with nature & the ecosystem & all, but it looks yucky.

This is the disappointing side-view of the cliff the lake is supposedly suspended on. I had to lean over the wooden walkway to get this shot ;)

This is the Spouting Rock waterfall-it's located above Hanging Lake

             Behind the waterfall-

            See how cool it looks??

          We found someone to take a pic of us behind the waterfall! Granted, we don't have a super-fancy camera, but I think it looks amazing!

               This is a random cabin thingie on the trail

I think we had a bit too much fun!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Things I've Learned While Running...

      So, even though running can be a controversial issue (some say it's bad for your body, other say nay), I believe that it's totally natural and good for you (except running on pavement and concrete-this can have negative effects on your joints)... and educational. I run without music so I can focus on God, my surroundings, the sound of my heavy breathing, and occasionally someone yelling , "On your left!" (oh, no! which one's my left??) Running without media distractions allows me to observe my surrounds as I slowly breeze by... I'm also able to hear vehicles sneaking up on me (those electric ones sure are quiet!) and dogs....dogs who feel it is their duty to cross the road and chase me...
         Running can be very educational, so, here's a short list of things I have learned while running in Colorado:
                1. Grass and anthills cannot co-exist
                2. The higher you go, the cooler the temperature, so wear layers.
                3. The higher you go, the harder it is to breathe. (Starting at an altitude of 7500ft doesn't help)
                4. Coughing to clear you're throat/coughing up phlegm sounds like barking to a dog (which means they feel threatened {which means they'll chase you}).
                5. If you hear/see a dog, don't make eye contact. This too can make them chase you (learned this from a couple's Bible Study). I wish I had known this months ago.
               6. You don't realize how many dead trees are on your route until it's super windy and you can hear the branches cracking.
               7. It's virtually impossible to hear things on a windy run (without earplugs).
               8. Running 4 miles in M&M-sized hail is not too bad.

            As you can see, aside from a good cardio workout, running gives you plenty of time to think and ponder (and question!) the world (and random wildlife) around you!
          Feel free to share your running insights here!!!
         For even more running insights, check out my tab Things I've Learned While Running