Monday, June 24, 2013

My New Running Buddy(ies)

     I have been searching for a local running buddy since the beginning of the year. Why?? Because running in the freezing cold morning is so much more bearable when you are sharing that misery with someone.
     I had high (super-duper high) hopes that I would find one, two or even three running buddies. After putting the word out, I had alot of interest on FaceBook in one of the local mom groups I'm apart of. So much interest, that these women even picked 5:30 a.m. (we're talking dark, freezing winter in CO) for the meet up. It was at a local, well-know bridge and I had to travel four miles each way to get there. I met by myself for several weeks before moving the time to 6 a.m. (hey, if the people who chose this time were not going to show, I was going to make an executive decision).
     For months I continued to meet by myself for these weekly group runs (hey- Me, God & my fat count as a group, lol). Then school ended. This meant that I would be saddled with our 6 year-old who experiences behavior issues (I tend to go crazy when I have him to myself for more than four hours). The day after school was out, I had an epiphany (or apostrophe, if you will)- take the 6 year-old out for exercise daily. Walking, running, riding bikes, ect. Early. Before he realizes what's happening.
      Having a 6 year-old for a running buddy is not as fun as it sounds. Think about it: shorter legs = (typically) longer minutes per mile; training a newbie can be tough; not knowing if you're pushing too hard or not enough is mentally straining; and complaints have to be dealt with. Add all that to a Sensory Processing Disorder and it's quite the experiment.
      Three weeks into our weekly exercise routine, I get a message from a fellow runner who lives right down the road. She was looking for a running buddy! (Really, God?? I *finally* get an adult running buddy 3 & a half weeks before we're supposed to leave??) Turns out, she lives right down the road, so she runs from her house to where I live & we hit the trails together!
       So for a few weeks, I have an adult running buddy, in addition to my little running buddy. I'm really enjoying this because instead of running & walking at a pace that is waaaaaaaay too slow, I'm able to increase my speed with my ARB (Adult Running Buddy) while still getting my LRB (Little Running Buddy) out & about & running without completely sacrificing my speed and mileage


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