Monday, June 3, 2013

Things I've Learned While Running...

      So, even though running can be a controversial issue (some say it's bad for your body, other say nay), I believe that it's totally natural and good for you (except running on pavement and concrete-this can have negative effects on your joints)... and educational. I run without music so I can focus on God, my surroundings, the sound of my heavy breathing, and occasionally someone yelling , "On your left!" (oh, no! which one's my left??) Running without media distractions allows me to observe my surrounds as I slowly breeze by... I'm also able to hear vehicles sneaking up on me (those electric ones sure are quiet!) and dogs....dogs who feel it is their duty to cross the road and chase me...
         Running can be very educational, so, here's a short list of things I have learned while running in Colorado:
                1. Grass and anthills cannot co-exist
                2. The higher you go, the cooler the temperature, so wear layers.
                3. The higher you go, the harder it is to breathe. (Starting at an altitude of 7500ft doesn't help)
                4. Coughing to clear you're throat/coughing up phlegm sounds like barking to a dog (which means they feel threatened {which means they'll chase you}).
                5. If you hear/see a dog, don't make eye contact. This too can make them chase you (learned this from a couple's Bible Study). I wish I had known this months ago.
               6. You don't realize how many dead trees are on your route until it's super windy and you can hear the branches cracking.
               7. It's virtually impossible to hear things on a windy run (without earplugs).
               8. Running 4 miles in M&M-sized hail is not too bad.

            As you can see, aside from a good cardio workout, running gives you plenty of time to think and ponder (and question!) the world (and random wildlife) around you!
          Feel free to share your running insights here!!!
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  1. While I don't run, I've been thinking about it. Thanks for the dog tips!