Monday, October 29, 2012

*More* Crazy Things I Do While Running

Apparently, after I make a list, more things add...and the more I run, the more crazy things I, here's *More* Crazy Things I Do While Running:

1. Practice my ki (it's a yelling thing you do in the martial art of Kendo)
2. Narrate the "Adventures of BlondieChell" ("there she goes up the hill...running faster....faster.....")
3. High-five random weeds
4. Learn new things (check out my Things I've Learned While Running tab)
5. Tried to race a bike on a parallel path...apparently they're faster.
6. Scream...and yell things like, "OH MY GOSH" as I jump out of the path of fellow runners, cyclists and hikers...
7. Scramble to keep myself from falling off a mountain (totally jumped to the wrong side of the path. oops).
8. Wear a crocheted beard (attached to a crocheted hat. Works sooooo much better than my baklava)
9. Text. Yes. Dangerous? Yes. Important? Sometimes....I only text while running when, "Hey Hun, can you have So-and-so ready to go out the door? I'm running late (literally running)" or, "Can you call 911 for me? I've got a mountain lion chasing me. Ty."
10. Take pictures of dead things....



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guest Posting Over At Pointing Up!!!

                 Today I am guest posting over @ Pointing Up. Last month I won a free sponsor spot from Dalayna on FaceBook and she offers her sponsors guest post spots!!!! So, here I am posting over at her blog today!!!  Come on over & read all about my expectations (or lack there of)!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trash...Is It All Bad??

      Trashcans are a necessary commodity in our society.  Just about every American house-hold has one.  If you don't have a dog, whatever you can't recycle goes in one.  But ours is causing some problem...  Apparently I have a slight issue with trash pickers.... No, I'm not talking about wild animals, or even strangers... I'm referring to my own flesh and blood...
     I have no recollection (or photographic proof) that Josiah used to dig in the trash.  However, Amber did it (she has stopped this unlady-like behavior), and Malachi now continues the trend.....since this profession is obviously unsanitary and gross, I've been racking my brain with ways to deal with it (apparently "no" only applies to things other than trash picking), so, I developed a list....

Ways to keep children from digging in the trash:
1. Booby-trap it (though this could prove scarring for any unsuspecting adults)
2. Paint vegetables on the lid (this would still keep Amber away from it)
3. Taser???
4. Eat from the trash in front of them (beware-this may also encourage the behavior)
5. I'm back to "booby-trap"
6. Duct-tape their hands together
7. Retractable leash-let them get within a fingertip's reach, then ::yank::
8. Hide the trashcan (but...then I might forget where it is....)
9. know-you touch the lid & something pops out & scares the snot out of you...Hubby would hate me forever....

                                            Amber- @ 2 years old

                                          Malachi-about 2 months ago....

What are your ideas??

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Chance to Win a BlondieChell Mask!!!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Things I've Learned....About Anthills....While Running

            So I'm starting this new series that you can find under the "Things I've Learned While Running" tab on my homepage ;) It's about things I learn while running....
           See, some people see running as a loathsome form of exercise, and other than endorphins, stress relief and good cardiovascular heath, others see no benefit at all. But that's because they are not me!
             Aside from only being able to hear my own ragged breathing, watching my footfalls (sharp rocks, anyone??), and listening for silent attackers (my imagination continually haunts me), I've also discovered that I can actually learn things while running. Most of these things are nature-related (duh) but who knows what I'll learn next??
             One of my recent epiphanies is that "where anthills are, grass does not grow".  I don't know the exact reason for this, but I'm guessing it's because of how close to the surface the ants burrow, leaving no room for grass's roots (it also makes the most sense).
            I noticed this phenomena on one of my recent jaunts by a trail that is next to a field. There were *tons* of ant hills (in the field and on the trail) and you could see where they were because it looked like the grass had been purposefully cleared. Interesting. No sneak attacks from the ants now!

                                See?? Clearing around it...

                              Large Anthill...for those who've never seen one before ;)

(See?? Running is educational too!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mortified During Math...

          Soooooo......if you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I started "back to school" this past summer to get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE).  The Bible college I graduated from was not accredited (and on hiatus for now) so non of my Gen Eds credits counted. I took a magical Accuplacer test when I enrolled in C(olorado)M(ountain)C(ollege). I was sooooo good that I basically tested out of all the remedial stuff. However, I am taking a remedial math course so I can combine it w/another one in order to skip going through a harder one.
          Most of my classes are online, however, a friend convinced me to take this one on campus since it's math.  Last Monday was class #2...
          Class started off with roll-call, and after I answered, the prof tapped his pen into his forehead kind of like he was saying, "Oh, great....Her...." Though this sort of bothered me, I grew even more bothered... A few minutes into class, there was a tough question that momentarily puzzled I furrowed my brow...and formed my face into a quizzical "huh?" which immediately caused the teacher to point to me and say, "Don't do that!" (Again, "huh?")
           I didn't want to get in trouble during class by whispering, or passing notes to my neighbor , so I decided to write a note to myself. Kind of like a journal. But on my math notes. In my open notebook that nobody could read.  Soon after I started this trend, the prof wrote a mathematical equation on the board and asked us to solve it. While my head was down working out the super-complex problem { (x+2)(x+8) }, he came around to check our work! And apparently my note!

It reads, "got 'yelled at' in class for furrowing my brow...guess he's concerned about me gettin' wrinkles. -do my brows furrow randomly? If I write to myself, aren't I just talking to myself, but on paper? *also, after teacher roll-called me, he tapped his pen on his forehead. What?!? Also..."

                      I was MORTIFIED!!!! After reading what must've been part of it, he says, "That makes me feel sad." I retorted, "Well, you made me feel sad!" and.....then I just sat my adult remedial math class...later I found out that no one else heard/understood the transaction, but I was soooo embarrassed. Things have been a little awkward since then....Oh, to finish my math test now!