Monday, October 1, 2012

Mortified During Math...

          Soooooo......if you've been following me for a while, you'd know that I started "back to school" this past summer to get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE).  The Bible college I graduated from was not accredited (and on hiatus for now) so non of my Gen Eds credits counted. I took a magical Accuplacer test when I enrolled in C(olorado)M(ountain)C(ollege). I was sooooo good that I basically tested out of all the remedial stuff. However, I am taking a remedial math course so I can combine it w/another one in order to skip going through a harder one.
          Most of my classes are online, however, a friend convinced me to take this one on campus since it's math.  Last Monday was class #2...
          Class started off with roll-call, and after I answered, the prof tapped his pen into his forehead kind of like he was saying, "Oh, great....Her...." Though this sort of bothered me, I grew even more bothered... A few minutes into class, there was a tough question that momentarily puzzled I furrowed my brow...and formed my face into a quizzical "huh?" which immediately caused the teacher to point to me and say, "Don't do that!" (Again, "huh?")
           I didn't want to get in trouble during class by whispering, or passing notes to my neighbor , so I decided to write a note to myself. Kind of like a journal. But on my math notes. In my open notebook that nobody could read.  Soon after I started this trend, the prof wrote a mathematical equation on the board and asked us to solve it. While my head was down working out the super-complex problem { (x+2)(x+8) }, he came around to check our work! And apparently my note!

It reads, "got 'yelled at' in class for furrowing my brow...guess he's concerned about me gettin' wrinkles. -do my brows furrow randomly? If I write to myself, aren't I just talking to myself, but on paper? *also, after teacher roll-called me, he tapped his pen on his forehead. What?!? Also..."

                      I was MORTIFIED!!!! After reading what must've been part of it, he says, "That makes me feel sad." I retorted, "Well, you made me feel sad!" and.....then I just sat my adult remedial math class...later I found out that no one else heard/understood the transaction, but I was soooo embarrassed. Things have been a little awkward since then....Oh, to finish my math test now!