Monday, October 8, 2012

Things I've Learned....About Anthills....While Running

            So I'm starting this new series that you can find under the "Things I've Learned While Running" tab on my homepage ;) It's about things I learn while running....
           See, some people see running as a loathsome form of exercise, and other than endorphins, stress relief and good cardiovascular heath, others see no benefit at all. But that's because they are not me!
             Aside from only being able to hear my own ragged breathing, watching my footfalls (sharp rocks, anyone??), and listening for silent attackers (my imagination continually haunts me), I've also discovered that I can actually learn things while running. Most of these things are nature-related (duh) but who knows what I'll learn next??
             One of my recent epiphanies is that "where anthills are, grass does not grow".  I don't know the exact reason for this, but I'm guessing it's because of how close to the surface the ants burrow, leaving no room for grass's roots (it also makes the most sense).
            I noticed this phenomena on one of my recent jaunts by a trail that is next to a field. There were *tons* of ant hills (in the field and on the trail) and you could see where they were because it looked like the grass had been purposefully cleared. Interesting. No sneak attacks from the ants now!

                                See?? Clearing around it...

                              Large Anthill...for those who've never seen one before ;)

(See?? Running is educational too!)

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