Monday, October 15, 2012

Trash...Is It All Bad??

      Trashcans are a necessary commodity in our society.  Just about every American house-hold has one.  If you don't have a dog, whatever you can't recycle goes in one.  But ours is causing some problem...  Apparently I have a slight issue with trash pickers.... No, I'm not talking about wild animals, or even strangers... I'm referring to my own flesh and blood...
     I have no recollection (or photographic proof) that Josiah used to dig in the trash.  However, Amber did it (she has stopped this unlady-like behavior), and Malachi now continues the trend.....since this profession is obviously unsanitary and gross, I've been racking my brain with ways to deal with it (apparently "no" only applies to things other than trash picking), so, I developed a list....

Ways to keep children from digging in the trash:
1. Booby-trap it (though this could prove scarring for any unsuspecting adults)
2. Paint vegetables on the lid (this would still keep Amber away from it)
3. Taser???
4. Eat from the trash in front of them (beware-this may also encourage the behavior)
5. I'm back to "booby-trap"
6. Duct-tape their hands together
7. Retractable leash-let them get within a fingertip's reach, then ::yank::
8. Hide the trashcan (but...then I might forget where it is....)
9. know-you touch the lid & something pops out & scares the snot out of you...Hubby would hate me forever....

                                            Amber- @ 2 years old

                                          Malachi-about 2 months ago....

What are your ideas??


  1. OMG! Too funny! When my oldest was little we got him a little mini trash can of his own and he put his toys in it and roll it around. I don't remember though either one picking trash out of the family one- god luck with that!

  2. Haha! Wait until they get a little older and realize the stuff you threw away is still good. Like those old paints, we snuck them out to our playhouse and painted the cats!